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Music in the Tarot Cards
Love of Music and Tarot Cards
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 20th Sep 2016, 5:07 PM
Number of comics: 22
Number of subscribers: 10
Visitors: 7283 visitors (23261 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (43 votes)

Comic description

Young romance between Kulap Chanarong; a Tarot Cards reader and older Psychic twin of DokMei, and Runeildo Damiao; the wild goofball and singing guitarist.

However, one prefer to live a life of calm lonely serenity and other want alot of people to party hard while live-while-you-can-way. Despite their different personality and ways, they share similar trait and situation.

But what will happened when two seperate world collide... For one tragic reason? Are they destined to fall in love or are they fated to be forever heartbroken?

Time can only tell for them...


Reading: Right to Left

Romance/Love Story
School Life

Flag: Violence, Death, slightly Dark content and Harsh Language (Just cussing/dirty words or heavy argument)

Rated: PG 13

Update: Hiatus

Extras: Romantic story only for Kulap Chanarong and Runeildo Damiao, my other cast from my ongoing comic, Everlasting Garden Fields.

This story is in Middle school time long before reaching EGfs timeline, which set in High school and story of Nova begin. Thus, going take year for them to fall in love before Nova come along as new Junior student in Starling High and two couple already be Senior.


Call me by Thah S.! I'm artist... Well Sketch or manga style artist. Goal be a manga artist in time.
Love cartoon, anime and manga.
I'm total fan of InuYasha show as both manga and anime. Forever my favorite~ Fave character is Kagome Higurashi.
My favorite cartoon is Xiaolin Showdown! Fav character is Kimiko Tohomiko and Chase Young.

Proud shipper of ShiroKuro(Marina/Daisuke)~image<333

Most recent comments left on Music in the Tarot Cards

22nd Sep 2016
Yes.:3 I have no regret.XD
Left on Ch1, Page11
21st Sep 2016
Lol! Is this the Ryusaki and Kihara I know from lifeligt's comic? :'D
Left on Ch1, Page11
20th Sep 2016
Axbfgfdkhg.... Ok I lied that I won't be able draw but only lot slower and like I said Laptop charger is bit buggy. Also, busy in Gaiaonline event and truthful that my 2 aunts are in my room.... Well took over.DX Though Heaven that they are able make so much food and clean better than us-ouch.(TAT) Hell is that their in my room as if owning it, got help clean SO much dishes after making lots of food and my sleep time.(QAQ) I just want to cry.DX

Anyways.... I'm glad finished this and proud that I had bit fun with background.XD Gesh, this just ch1 and already having cameo from left to right. Seriously.Xp Now new Crossover cameos, though they are just mention here but they will be making appearance later just like other future cameos to come, Ryusaki Hayate & Kihara Mei. Both from Reiketsu-ou no Kimi by Lifelight. Thus, check them out~

..... I regret nothing Lifelight.:D Ryusaki always strike me as weasel and shall be weasel in this story and hoped Kihara does kick his butt in this story of mine.XD Still, Tobi cute lil' blush~<3

*DokMei is reading 'The Tarot Cafe' by Park Sang Sun. It is a real book thus go read it. I really love it despite all Yaoi and some guy look bit like female but all in all love it for it have bit Victoria here and there, supernatural, love story, tragedy, humor/comedy, Goth style, AND Tarot Cards(if title isn't obvious enough)~<3
Left on Ch1, Page11
12th Sep 2016
Either the school don't care student skip school, their safety or they have lousy security guard.XD I don't know which.XP

Left on Ch1, Page10
11th Sep 2016
Well his school lets him go anywhere at lunch so yeah.

Oh the school is called Gilbert Baker High.
Left on Ch1, Page10