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Fantasy, adventure and bit of perversion
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Nara night good at magic already, but she's not very experienced in the adventuring business. Showing emotions towards enemy is not always welcome. And the coming pages will show that
Nara is a master of fire magic. Her friend Anadel is a master of death magic.
Yeah, you do what you have to do but nobody says you have to like it and you really shouldn't.
I'm a agreeing with all the comments so far.

It seems a bit strange that an empathic person like Nara is a master of death magic.

(And you already know my feelings about all that. It's great to see that at least one character feels like me and lets it show. Maybe Naros is a bit sad, too, but he has other priorities.)
Exhausted, too much stress adding up... maybe the fight with the Skrog.