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Mystery of the Black Water
an old school adventure comic
Last update: 30th Jan 2016, 2:41 AM


Lime Media Hawaii
Lime Media Hawaii is a Honolulu based comic publisher, under the Lime Media Hawaii Presents imprint. We are dedicated to making fun to read comics for a variety of audiences. We have a talented art crew consisting of C K Tanaka of Green Tea Works, L K Grant of Kokoro Grafix, Rejena Smiley of rejenasmiley.com and Marisa Torigoe aka Pua Kalaunu of Studio Kii'ola. Please enjoy their work!

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Black Water makes itself known! Watch for the comic debut at Amazing Hawaii Comic Con in May 2016! Advance order info coming soon!
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Roll Call!
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Monsters on the loose in Ashbury Park!
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Welcome to a grand old school adventure comic from the very talented REJENA SMILEY of Detroit MI! Mystery and monsters await as our intrepid heroes begin their quest!
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Aloha! Please link, like, bookmark and share this new gem from Rejena Smiley! And visit MBWs sister strips! Watch for more coming soon!
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