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Never Mind the Gap
Sci-fi small-town romance
Last update: 14th Jul 2012, 7:59 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Small-town romance in a sci-fi future. Sort of. Not shoujo or shonen, hopefully pretty unique.

This is a completed comic. It has some porny bits.


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Glad to know! Thanks!
I'm glad you like it, and of course you can write or draw whatever you like. :)
I know this comic is 9 years old counting from the beginning, but I have noticed the author still comments here and there.

Well, I just wanted to say... Wow. This is really good storytelling, I loved the setting and the pacing. The characters feel all natural and real —even if some of them are artificial— and the expressiveness of the art is amazing in its simplicity.

I have to admit the first time I read it I rushed through it, not reading through the comments and not slowing down to analyze some conversations that may have had more than one meaning. Even if sometimes I got really confused and there were some gaps that were difficult to fill— I never minded them (lol).

Now that I am taking my time, reading through everything and making my own theories, I have to say this is a really rich world with tons of potential. Do you mind if I write fanfiction of it? (I probably won't but I still want to know if it's ok).

There are some things that other people have said already, but I haven't seen anyone said this: I am really saddened by the octopi. They are all dead and probably the person that cared the most... won't remember them. I hope that Jim from time to time will honor them in obiquitous but subtle ways to the confusion of reseted Mary. Maybe a little lame, but these are the things I would make a fanfic about if I were to write again.

Also, view, you vaguely reminds me to Jim. Stoic and not one to spare too many words, but still reliable and hella smart. I will read your other works later, but for now I still want to be immersed in this world for a while.
Sad to know that this is the last year people will able to see this before flash support is removed from major browsers.
I have a suspicion that the best way to improve my consistency is going to be storyboarding, and flip-book-like, light-table, classic animation... just because the issues I have with consistency are actually issues with perspective at range. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯