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Comic profile: Never Mind the Gap
Never Mind the Gap
Sci-fi small-town romance
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 14th Jul 2012
Number of comics: 358
Number of subscribers: 236
Visitors: 645221 visitors (15469526 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.95 (1591 votes)

Comic description

Small-town romance in a sci-fi future. Sort of. Not shoujo or shonen, hopefully pretty unique.

This is a completed comic. It has some porny bits.


Most recent comments left on Never Mind the Gap

Shrike343 (Guest)
7th Jun 2017
I finished binge-reading this comic last night.
Bloody hell man, NMtG is a goddamn masterpiece in my opinion, I loved everything about it.
In my experience, it's not very often that a webcomic manages to create strong emotional bonds between the readers and characters, and this one went above and beyond that.

NMtG drove me to tears a couple times, and had me pissing myself laughing other times.
I loved every moment of it, and I'll love every moment of re-reading it.

Thanks for making this comic View, it's was a helluva ride.
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Gazebo (Guest)
26th May 2017
"Marina and Jim"
Regarding the flashback, are there multiple Marinas? There's big human Marina and a small clone, or daughter? Are there multiple Jims? I'm somewhat confused as to the panel where someone is being arrested in her flashback/dream. Real Marina has the nanobots in her and I guess little Marina is her daughter, whom Jim grows up with and falls in love with. She also dies tragically and is remade by Jim. The speculation is killing me but it is good, just wish you were there to confirm or maybe shed some light.
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Gazebo (Guest)
25th May 2017
"Great Comic"
This comic was really great, I loved it. I know this is 5 years after it finished, but I wish I could have seen it unfold. I wish there was a final timeline somewhere so I don't have to rely on assumptions regarding what really happened. These comments all help put it into perspective, though. Thanks view, if you still check these comments.
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Commentato (Guest)
25th May 2017
He didnt lose what he had with her, but she lost what she had with him, right?
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ThatGuy (Guest)
2nd May 2017
...So she's pretty much stating she's been using him and he literally tries to lap it right up? Jeez, dude. >_>;
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