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Webcomic profile: Never Mind the Gap
Never Mind the Gap
Sci-fi small-town romance
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 14th Jul 2012, 7:59 PM
Number of comics: 358
Number of subscribers: 245
Visitors: 727882 visitors (17007358 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.95 (1597 votes)

Webcomic description

Small-town romance in a sci-fi future. Sort of. Not shoujo or shonen, hopefully pretty unique.

This is a completed comic. It has some porny bits.


Most recent comments left on Never Mind the Gap

27th Nov 2018
Saw that you weren't a fan of guests, so I made an account :)

One final topic of questions, that you may be more comfortable answering: XVT is the carbon dissolving WMD. But what is the thing in the tank? Which came first, XVT or the thing in the tank? Someone in the comments likened it to a hermit crab- is that accurate? Is it sentient? Was there a war of some kind in the US or was it used to quell riots or something else? Why did it slice up Hansel's hands but not slice through other robots, and is that different from how XVT affects organic material? How was it able to control the tank so finely as to make it shoot? Was it actually aiming for someone? What made it come to life? Why couldn't Jim tell that it was a bioweapon and not just mud?

Ugh, I wish i could've asked all this in 2012, but I literally read the whole thing today :/
Left on Sunrise
Guest (Guest)
27th Nov 2018


A bit of guessing of my own here, but when Miwa said she didn't tell people about her lightning predictions because they would try to "make her do it..." I guess Jim has the same opinion about going from human -> AI?/he thinks its unethical or something but made a selfish exception for his friend and soulmate?
Left on Exeunt
Guest (Guest)
27th Nov 2018
My understanding- She is who she was last time she was "factory default." Everything Mary did since her last default might as well be a different person. Jim, on the other hand, lost his sig other.
Left on End
Guest (Guest)
27th Nov 2018
Man did I love this.

So Mary is made (in part) of carbon jelly?

And why was she in a wheelchair?

Did Jim make/remake Mary in previous instances? Did he make her how she always was or in a way he found attractive? (since she often mentions her dislike for her body) She didn't want to make a body that she liked more (like Esteban's hulking body?) Was Mary ever a human? Why don't more robots choose to have a super humanlike body? (Or are some of the people we thought were humans robots????? D:)

Is there an ethical reason/no way to back up memories without switching bodies like Gretel did? This would make more sense to me if she was a cyborg, but why not back up memories, say, on your birthday? I guess it would be expensive?

Do people know she's a robot? Did Miwa know she was a robot and that Jim made her when she made fun of her at Jim's house?

So many questions! If you mean to leave these up to reader's interpretation I understand, but could you give a concise explanation of the flashback?

Was Piers a robot too? Do robots dream or do they just have flashbacks? Each question I think of leads to more, gaaaah
Left on Sunrise
8th Oct 2018
Wait. So Mary was restored from the backup after all? The first time I read this I was sure she wasn't.
Left on Sunrise