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Hi Technobuddies!

Noesis.Exe is going to be at Thought Bubble next weekend! If you're reading this from the future, that means 14th and 15th November 2014.

We're listed under 'Faye and Rosie Illustration' and you can find us in the teepee At table number 5, right near the entrance!

We'll have a bunch of prints and comics for you to enjoy, including the limited edition Noesis pilot. There's only a few left, and there will never be any more like them! If you just want to swing by for a chit chat then please just pop on by and say hi! (If you ask for 'Mouse' that's your safest bet!)

And guys, sadly this may be my last comic con for a while. I'll keep you cool babies posted.
End transmission.
Author Note
Two nerds engage in the worst smack talk ever.
Author Note
Thanks! Every time someone new reads this comic, it feels so amazing. Seeing that one of you has taken the time out of your day to see what the new page is like, or seeing that someone new has sat down and read multiple pages in one sitting... What that means is describable.

When Noesis started out it was all about me, it was about me making a comic about stuff I liked and every week I'd put up a page so not to let myself down.

Knowing that other people are out there reading it has changed all that. Even though it probably doesn't matter massive amounts, the idea of letting anyone down makes me work harder every week.

So while 30 pages is not a massive, special, or overly impressive milestone, I wanted to take the chance to say thank you so much for sticking with Noesis! Thank you all so very much! I'll continue to work hard at making Noesis an enjoyable read for all of you!

Oh- here's a little bit of wisdom from me to you: don't forget the torches.

Stay sweet Technobuddies!
Author Note
I was unable to update on the 2nd, so Jongbom stepped in with this butt-filled edition.

Go give Jongbom some love at: http://jongbom.tumblr.com/
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