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Last update: 18th Dec 2010, 3:59 AM
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This is where I'll be posting my flash animations.


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Info:This is my tribute to the "Shape N' Shape" flash fad:

Animated and Writen by:OutcastLabs
Voice of Daisy:Asm0edeus
Author Note
Go, Fido!
Info:This is my second short story I made starring my 2 characters, Fido and Daisy. These characters each have their own unique animation style. Fido has a Chuck Jones style, and Daisy has a cute, anime style. The 2 short stories I made was just a warm-up for frame-by-frame animation, lip-synching, and witty humor.

Writen and Animated by:OutcastLabs
Voice of "Daisy":xXNaichiXx
Author Note
Info:This is a tribute to Wikiwow, one of my favorite Youtube Poopers. The audio used is from one of his videos. Animated in almost 25 minutes of my spare time.
Author Note
Info:This proves how much I enjoyed watching Auto-Tune the News on Youtube.
Credits:Animated by:OutcastLabs.
Audio:Auto-Tune the News 2.
Rouge and Knuckles are courtesy of Sega.
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