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A web-comic with a mix of Fantasy, Horror, Romance, and Action-Adventure!
Last update: 9th Feb 2017, 10:42 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Updated weekly this a great comic for those who like adventure, action, romance, mythology, some horror, and even a bit of drama thrown in there! :)

It's about a group of people from incredibly different backgrounds and races that come together to help stop, as well as prevent others around them, being sold into slavery under a tyrant for his own means. Beginning with one of the main characters, Hazel, losing someone to slavery and going on a journey to find them. The group develops over her journey and then unfolds what is truly happening and finding that not only the king but the maybe even the Gods themselves have something at stake within the threads of fate.

Their Journey is about to begin.


We update weekly on the most current topic! We also love bananas!! Enjoy~!

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when next page?
“Funny You Say That...”
We've actually been working on a map and our home website has a cast page! :3 The political systems are actually something we are also getting ready to incorporate. :)
Good as always!

To Answer a question asked a few pages back...

A map of the lands, or at least the lands nearby. A touch upon the political systems and kingdoms/Empires nearby but also on their relationships.
Sorry for the Hiatus. The wife and I have experienced some major financial, emotional, and physical troubles as of late and we've needed to attend to it and sort out our lives once more. We're sorry about not really leaving an explanation to why we were gone but we are now getting back on track. We'll keep you all posted. Thank you for being so patient with us.
Author Note
Anyone care to ask a few questions~? We're willing to answer some to make up for late delay! :)
(Don't worry! It will be updated in 2 days tops!)
Author Note