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Our Life Together
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Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes
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Max and Vicky were both going through mundane times before they met.
One day Max decided to talk to Vicky about his story which led to a small spark of friendship.Eventually they started to develop feelings for eachother and deicided to spend more time together.
When love is transparent and all seems natural.
The life of Max and Vicky.



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.......... oh my god i'm actually about to cry WHY is it always the dog human deaths in media i can handle well but any animal especially a dog dies i'm an emotional wreck. I was planning on binge reading this all in one day because this is a realy good comic good job but now i think i need a break i'll finish up tomorrow
Don't know what to say. The whole page doesn't look like they're having fun.
Now the censorship is not only breaking the 4th wall but also the panel borders >_<
Censorship: Not needed on CF.

(But if you really feel you must, for your own reasons, please do it in-story/in-comic, e.g. holding the bra with the other hand so it just hides what you don't want to be publicly seen. At least then it looks like it was your intention to make the page as it is.)

(((personally, I dislike censorship & censoring very much. It breaks the 4th wall. And looks like the creator was forced to destroy her work or forced to let it get destroyed by someone else. Not to mention that it just looks bad.)))
This is so cute it almost hurts! 😀. Not sure the nipple needed to be blurred since you have settings pointing to explicit... edited to say after the next few pages The nipple was almost innocent lol! That said it reads emotionally honest... well gone