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Last update: 8th May 2011, 6:34 PM
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A web comic about a nerdy couple named Richie and Rachel and their pets, a ferret named Ace, who's preferred mode of transportation is a little red airplane, and their dog, bagel, who gets his name from an unusual fascination with the circular breakfast food.
Join them as they try to navigate the trials and tribulations of everyday life, and maybe, just maybe, you can learn from their past mistakes as they share with you their "Life lessons."


Creator and inspiration for Rachel from the web comic Out of Ink. I am also the artist and one of the writers of the comic. (as you can probably guess, Richie is the other writer)
Creator and inspiration for Richie and writer

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“Loved it!”
This is great! Well done.
Forgot to say how much I love the epic poem...your talent continues to shine!
“Thank you”
Thank you for being an awesome daughter, I love you!!!
I can't wait to come back to Out of Ink! The break was necessary, but Richie and I are all ready to start this thing back up and we are both super excited to start writing again! thanks to all our loyal readers and get ready for an all new Out of Ink!

Author Note
Hey everyone...Sorry there haven't been any new posts...Richie and I are...having a rough go of it...I can't promise any new content at the moment, but I'll try