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Comic profile: Project Arc Fan Art
Project Arc Fan Art
Where the fans get recognized for their awesome art!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 15th Jul 2017
Number of comics: 57
Number of subscribers: 13
Visitors: 4638 visitors (13784 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (71 votes)

Comic description

A collection of all the Project Arc fan art I've received, with links to the awesome artists who made them!


Art has always been my favorite hobby, and nothing makes me happier than to see my thoughts take physical form on paper! Although my roots are in realism, I took an interest in anime and have been practicing that in recent years. The influences for this first comic are the magical girl genre, Gundam, and my own military experiences. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Most recent comments left on Project Arc Fan Art

15th Jul 2017
This awesome little surprise comes from Cici! She used a color palette I picked but didn't know she'd do this! Isn't it puuurrrrty? :D I should have her draw Jessie for me from now on!
Left on Color Palette Jessie
25th Jun 2017
This past week I was honored to work with some great people and make the 2017 Summer Crossover Exchange happen! I was paired with perezer2002 who drew this lovely piece of his character David and my character Jessie on the beach ^_^ She looks so cute in that top! Thanks perezer2002!
Left on Summer Crossover Exchange with perezer2002
30th May 2017
This awesome sketch is from TheD-Wrek! Thank you D! I love it :)

If you like his sketches (or more finished work) you should check out his commission options!
Left on Christina's pastime activity?
8th May 2017
I'm still so happy from this past weekend when Jarvi and I got to meet! He made me some awesome food and we made this little comic collab featuring his character Alaric and my character Jessie ^_^ Jessie is probably my most caring character, but little demon baby Alaric may be too much for her! haha XD
Left on Twin Lights and Project Arc Collab
20th Feb 2017
So, not only did Serpy host a wonderful crossover exchange, I was lucky enough to receive this masterpiece from Mothtrap! You should check out their comic Jeremy, which is beautifully drawn and all sorts of dark >:)
Left on Cafe Scene by Mothtrap