Persona for the Win
All your Persona in one convenient location!
Last update: 7th Apr 2019, 1:41 AM
Frequent Strong Language
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Finally, all of the Persona for the Win series in one convenient location. Containing the works of Persona Won, Persona 2 Win, Persona 3 FTW, and Persona 4TW. Now obviously as parody comics, all of the works do contain spoilers of their respective games. Read at your own risk.


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The third appearance of the bloody shirt gag!
The second appearance of the bloody shirt gag!
The first appearance of the bloody shirt gag!
Self deprecating humor is always funny!
“Question 4”
What Persona did the MC use in the Priestess Fight?

A: None
B: Pyro Jack
C: Nekomata
D: Jack Frost

The correct answer is D.

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