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Last update: 7th Apr 2019, 1:41 AM
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Finally, all of the Persona for the Win series in one convenient location. Containing the works of Persona Won, Persona 2 Win, Persona 3 FTW, and Persona 4TW. Now obviously as parody comics, all of the works do contain spoilers of their respective games. Read at your own risk.


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“The mystery of Takeda's Persona”
From what I can gather, the identity of Takeda's Persona actually hasn't been revealed in ANY official capacity, including side materials in Japan. The closest I can find to hints are the following two names: first is that on a site called mystery meep (specificially here) as well as the tvtropes page for this very comic, it is listed as Noppera-bo, though for what reason is not provided. Second, and what I find more compelling, is an unused Persona found in the game's data called Shikijirou, but there's no images for it in the files from what I can tell, so this is mostly just conjecture. There's also unused data for a demon version of Nyarlathotep, and given how Kandori's version is clearly different from the version that the heroes can summon, maybe it's the same one but got repurposed as Kandori's Persona. And by extention, perhaps a similar deal happened with Takeda's Persona, where the players were supposed to be able to fuse or summon an equivalent of his Persona following his defeat but it never occurred in the final product. However, this is just a theory, and in all likelihood nothing more than me just trying to make some connections where there may be none. But until I come across someone coming up with a more-compelling argument for something else, this second name is basically my headcanon now.
I just realized now that Mark is singing a badly translated version of “A Lone Prayer.”
And not the Ice Queen? Think, man.
So as of the time of THIS post, the previous button is entirely unclickable (for this page only, all other pages in the archives are fine). I think the issue is just general host-side/browser-side updates without any corrections as code gradually breaks from the updates (probably the x-coordinate has gradually slid off to the left; my guess is changes in resolution).
You can still use the Tab trick (hit Enter to go to the previous comic).

Alternatively, this comic has a very, VERY nice and simple numbering scheme for the comics. Just copy and paste this url and change the number to whatever comic you want (as noted, the very last comic before this page is #2450):
Quick Ulala, steal his wallet.

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