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Comic profile: Persona for the Win
Persona for the Win
All your Persona in one convenient location!
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 16th Jun 2017
Number of comics: 2450
Number of subscribers: 24
Visitors: 151278 visitors (1877374 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (225 votes)

Comic description

Finally, all of the Persona for the Win series in one convenient location. Containing the works of Persona Won, Persona 2 Win, Persona 3 FTW, and Persona 4TW. Now obviously as parody comics, all of the works do contain spoilers of their respective games. Read at your own risk.


Most recent comments left on Persona for the Win

Guest (Guest)
19th Jun 2017
Apparently, it translates to "There should not be such a thing!"
It's still funny even without translation
Left on Mu Casino pt. 3
Scathach7 (Guest)
19th Jun 2017
Dang, looks like I just missed something big :0 well, looks like I at least have something to binge tonight :P
Left on Persona 4 Da Win pt. 120
Navonod Semaj (Guest)
16th Jun 2017
"All Good Things..."
Got into this around the time P3P came out, read straight thru until falling off the bandwagon somewhere around Arena, and just got back in a month ago. Good timing, I see. Sad you won't be following up with P5, but its either know when to quit or find yourself adapting every little spinoff down to the two fighting games no one asked for and the rhythm dance music visual novel.

Left on Persona 4 Da Win pt. 120
Captain Beaumont (Guest)
16th Jun 2017
I only discovered the comic about two years ago, and it took me six months to get caught up, but I was certainly a fan for the time I was reading it. As to my thoughts on the comic, I believe it is enough to say that (even though I have seen some playthroughs) I have never played a Persona game, and remained enthralled. Thank you for all the work and time you put in (I have seen people get bored/give up after much less time than you, and you never seriously slipped on your schedule), and I wish you success in wherever life is choosing to take you now.
Left on Persona 4 Da Win pt. 120
Blue_Elite (Guest)
16th Jun 2017
Drunk Margaret really is the best Margaret.

Best of luck to you and your future endeavors.
Left on Persona 4 Da Win pt. 120