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Comic profile: Piper's Song
Piper's Song
Orpso's webcomic
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 22nd Jun 2017, 3:30 AM
Number of comics: 96
Number of subscribers: 165
Visitors: 35572 visitors (153913 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (1938 votes)

Comic description

A young Albertan's journey into an uncertain future when she discovers her true identity. Tragedy, romance, revenge and redemption. Science Fiction, horror and fantasy all rolled into one!


I live in St Albert, Alberta, Canada! I was born in Iserlhon Germany in 1965. I joined the Canadian Army in 1987 after 5 years as a military reservist. I am a Combat Engineer and have been on 6 oversees deployments;
1991 Iraq/Kuwait
1993 Croatia (recieved the C in C unit commendation for action in Medak Pocket)Medak Pocket
1996/97 Bosnia
2004/05 Afghanistan
2009/10 Afghanistan

I'm proud of my service, but I am first and foremost an easy going and friendly fellow who loves comics. I love chatting on CF about comics and stuff.

My favorite comics style is Ligne Claire
My favorite comics artist is MÅ“bius

My main influences are; Richard Corben,Herge,and Caza.

Currently I am following artists like; Paul Pope,Tradd Moore,Jaime Hernandez,and Takehiko Inoue.

My favorite comic book at the moment is Beautiful Darkness.

Married with two boys 19 and 16 yrs old. I should be retiring in the next year or so.

Most recent comments left on Piper's Song

30th Jul 2017
And I'm out.
The violence has gone to a level where I can't take it anymore.

Besides, by this there are none of the good guys left and it is now also clear that the military had no good intentions at all (I had a little hope until last page). Her friend's family don't count and wouldn't stand a chance against either player anyway, but they will hinder Piper from getting to safety. And Lili isn't with Piper. Uncle Donnie essentially killed himself by being an Idiot (I was angry about that, but after he didn't kill any of the gang members, it was expected. He should have gone to Terry's home, kill Terry and the rest of the gang instead of playing around, then wait for these guys to come back, kill them from a distance (difficult enough with Bebber in the game), set the place on fire and run off).

So there's a little girl in another city, her friend less then helpful, her abilities half developed, the military will try to get her, the police will try to get her (thereby involuntarily helping the military) because her whole family was just wiped out, a brutal gangster contracted as her bodyguard who isn't there, her fairy teacher isn't there, her brother isn't there, did I forget something? Oh, she has no money and no place to go to. Plus, she doesn't know of all this yet.

With the odds set so high against Piper, there's high need of a series of miracles to keep Piper alive for the next few days, not to speak of her freedom.

And just so that nobody thinks I'm trying some "reverse psychology": I'm well aware that the story is set, nothing I write will change anything about it - Piper will miraculously survive and maybe even manage to claim her seat in the council. But at this point it is clear to me that there's NO development of this story, whether I can imagine it or not, no matter how miraculous it might be, that I would like to read.
Left on Page 94
23rd Jun 2017
Skweeee!!! :D

T-the little dog, too...! Omg... Skweee, how could yoouu?!
Left on Page 94
22nd Jun 2017
Nooooooo poor poor dog D:

Yay Skweeee it's so cool to see you're continuing this :D And yes, I'm already reading Super Cat, it's brilliant :))
Left on Page 94
22nd Jun 2017
Wow, I both want to hug you for coming back and cry for the page you just just keep ripping our hearts out :(

Still looking forward to more though! :D
Left on Page 94
22nd Jun 2017
You could make Piper's Song a full time career!
Left on Page 94