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Planet Chaser
A Scifi For Fun
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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All Clarissa wanted to do was have fun and travel around the galaxy.
Her wish came true when she turned eighteen and inherited a space ship and a robot.
She also inherited more than she bargained for.


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I'm not sure whether I'm sad or glad no-one said "That's no moon!" ;) More glad than sad, I think; I like originality.
That expression in panel 1! </3
Oh! the thoughts that fly
into our heads,
at unexpected times.
Sometimes they take us...
places we ne'er before dreamed!
Indeed not. Spoils it if you slice it, IMO. Tuna and celery, good olive oil, good bread. That's my favourite meal.
Aaand I obviously forgot about this page! XD