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Last update: 9th Jan 2013, 2:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Welcome to The Future. We made it.
Flying cars, floating cities, space colonies, even telepathy...humanity's got it done. Lifespans tend into the centuries; population control is a non issue; and even people who don't want anything to do with the burgeoning utopia can find a place in the endless expanding frontier of space. But people are still people. They get bored. They get stupid. And they start trouble...


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(: I like where this is going. Put the two strongest personalities head to head as quickly as possible!

Miss butcher wossname is actually willing to parlay, I hope. Not that it wouldn't be mindblowingly awesome if we got a demonstration of the bioweapon stuff right off, but there are too many named characters in the room.

"Their BickerShield is totally up to date, though, so I can't access the expospeak kernel."
There's visible background through these word balloons! I--I feel like I've failed you all.:P
Author Note
It *could* be kind of a duplicitous turn of phrase, couldn't it? Golly-shucks.

*whistles, walks away*
Oh, GOOD. I mean, I was giggling when I wrote it, but I'm really very sick, and didn't know if it was just the fever talking.:P