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Comic profile: Foxy Flavored Cookie
Foxy Flavored Cookie
A flavor simply delicious!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago
Number of comics: 549
Number of subscribers: 277
Visitors: 1268212 visitors (10576483 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (2080 votes)

Comic description

A series simply loved by readers. Simple, funny, cute and charming. All the ingredients you need for a story you just can't put down. If you don't believe me, ask anybody who knows about it.


El Zorrito
El Zorrito
A simple individual, who loves to draw...
A LOT, and loves to improve his work by
reading comments left by readers and chatting with webcomic authors.

Most recent comments left on Foxy Flavored Cookie

River Road (Guest)
22nd Oct 2017
Boy, it's been a long time. I lost track of this comic when the whole crew was still together (shortly before they found the human, I think).

Just caught up with everything again and I love how the comic has evolved. It's a bit confusing at times with the whole jumps, but it's cute and funny and I'm looking forward to seeing where it's all going.

Also, Pucho and Pituka OTP. I mean, obviously. :3
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ShadeOfAnubis (Guest)
22nd Oct 2017
"A game of chess"
To the whole Royalty issue, two things; Freedom and privacy.
The first simply means too much to me, and I've seen what puplic people like the princes has to stand model for from the press and puplic. -.-

Now, for the cents.
Meliza is caught in a position most politically and rough.
Yes, arranged marriage is bad, and she should feel bad about it.
To her though, even if she loves her, Puita represents a heap of issues that needs solutions, in her mind, arranged marriage might easily have been one that returned the least 'unfortunate' out comes. Meliza seems to be one for the longer, but unfortunately also very conservative minded game.
Remember her image?
What would happen if the greedy upper middle class and power players of the upperclass were to learn about their 'godess' having an illicit Child?
Some suggests she should consider stepping down, but wouldn't that be a bomb under the stability of the place?
As I see it, she has, in hind sight quite unfortunately, played herself into a cornerstone position.
An inviable and by the looks of things, critical position, and for the time being, she's the only one capable to hold that position without ruins to follow.

So, if I have anything really bad to say about Meliza, it's that she seems out of touch with the times, and of a character most unwilling to let her, with modern eyes impractical, position and image become absolute.

In a world of magic, least they be considered beyond mere mortals, what feelings and chaos would those with god rivalling capabilities unfold?

If you ask Meliza, the solution that was found, never should've worked as well as it did. Puita would've been discovered a long time ago, and used by Meliza's political enemies to try and rile up the people to throw her off the throne.
Just pure luck that the people on the ground seem to care that much more about each other, than the games played by those in the upper districts.
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Zorro362 (Guest)
21st Oct 2017
No I agree it looks like her in desquise to me.
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Mr.Wulf (Guest)
21st Oct 2017
Is it me, or does that teacher look like Missy in disguise? Not to change the subject. Lol
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Dr Mad (Guest)
20th Oct 2017
56a - B = x? What the hell kind of formula is that? a^2 + b^2 = c^2! Teacher needs to work on her curricula for sure.
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