Pokemon Soul Silver: Challenging the Dragon Champion
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Last update: 12th Jul 2015, 2:11 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes
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This is a doujin that follows Lyra's final battle against the Dragon chappion at the elite four!
This will pair Lance and Lyra based with Pokemon Soul Silver in mind.
the +18 is in reference to violence, the Pokemon will bleed like in the adventures manga and there will be sex in later parts. So please I hope
you all will look forward to it.

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I'm an artist by trade and I try to create art that I love and am proud of. If other people can be happy with my work as much as I am then that would make me very happy. I try to spread the love on subjects that I enjoy and that I may feel like don't get enough credit or attention as well as make more and more art that I am happy with.

I'm always trying to improve my skills and style and I hope that I can make even more people happy with my work.
Currently I am working on my personal Doujin Comic for Pokemon; it's been a real challenge so far but a lot of fun and very rewarding to create.

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Is this ever going to be updated?
Wow this is excellent.
Looks like it's up to Momo the Mamoswine! Can Dragonite stand up to the sheer power of an Ice type?!

Sorry for the long wait, I was busy with life drama and hopefully we will be back on schedule!
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