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A Furry Chose your own adventure Comic!
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A chose your own adventure esque comic with horror and sci fi themes. also lots of cute. Styled like that of a text adventure game, the story will be a collaborative result of the comments posted for each prompt page and my own plots.

Join the "Players" as they learn to collaborate with each other and your own prompts to do. . . Well. Just about anything.
The path they were destined to take isn't even fully built yet. But will they be saving the world? Will they be escaping this strange Facility they've been awoken in? Does adventure await or more strenuous testing exercises?
What route will you make them take?

Warnings for the light hearted:
There will be porn. Though the sex wont be the FOCUS of the comic, it WILL be there. But that's not what I'm warning. There will be a lot of WEIRD sex. From things like mxm, fxf, herms, taurs, tentacles, machines to Amputies, Giants, monsters, insanity, full out violent "Nearly tearing you apart" sex and much worse.
In fact it'd be easier to tell you that the fetishes that WONT EVER COME UP will be cub/shota/lolicon, scat/watersports, necrophillia and zoophilia. There will be others in this list but I can't think of everything right now.
Tread with caution, Though I will be doing my best to warn people should the fetishes get too extreme in the next update~

Also as previously mentioned with the "Violent sex". There's going to be violence.
And magic~!
And a lot of science.
Delicious, delicious science.


Most recent comments left on Project X

sam42 (Guest)
23rd Oct 2018
"god of mischief "
you didnt end up removing this page that sunday
Left on oop!
Ninjafox (Guest)
8th Oct 2018
This is me :]

I forgot to sign in before posting
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Guest (Guest)
8th Oct 2018
Party>>> Advance quickly before the music stops, but stay cautious (obviously). Perhaps go back-to-back if you're unsure while advancing... if it wont take too much time.

Yeeee - so happy for another update. I just realised I have been reading for almost 4 years now. (0.0)
I will keep reading as long as this keeps coming. I may not have always noticed right away; but no matter how long it has been between updates I have been able to stay engaged because I love this comic. If you ever decide to shelve it I won't hold it against you, but whatever becomes of your work just be sure to keep your fans on this site involved!
We probably don't say it enough, but we appreciate all the work you must put into this and just hope you find it worthwhile to continue. Thanks a Bunch!
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Ninjafox (Guest)
8th Oct 2018
Yaaay, your back.

No hard feelings lol. I know a CYOA is a little daunting to maintain.
Personally, I think that going back over your old work will feel tedious and unrewarding. I would just summarize as best you can for new readers and move on!

We all just want to see this idea continue, and I don't know if I speak for the majority when I say this, but for me the CYOA sspect of the comic is a huge part of what makes it special. So, wherever you decide to take this story you started, I just hope that you keep us all involved in it too!
Boca (Guest)
2nd Oct 2018
Party>>> Move towards the source of the lullaby, move fast and carefull
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