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Comic profile: Project Zebex
Project Zebex
A Super Metroid comic... With some mindblowing(?) twists.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago, 6:31 AM
Number of comics: 92
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Comic description

To simply put, A Super Metroid comic with some mindblowing(?) twists. Inspired by Kabutroid's Planet Zebeth.

The comic features a small band of heroes-- A bounty hunter with violent tendencies plus a fetish for missiles Samus, a meek ex-Space Pirate leader fat lizard Kraid and the incredible(ly) hapless bounty hunter wannabe Houston-- on this planetary emulator with a Zebes-like planet Zebex. Their goal is to find out what the hell just happened after they were kidnapped and got slapped on the Zebex... Ok, not so much as kidnapped and slapped as to being instantaneously transported to Zebex.

Dare to venture into one of the great mysteries that the Zebex holds! Enter the website to watch the chaos unfold. Don't forget to grab a bowl of Zebesian popcorn!


Author of Project Zebex comic. BEHOLD! Be in awe of the magnificence of the great Sybex!

Most recent comments left on Project Zebex

9 days ago
Kirban! Here he is! Yes... This monstrosity is known as a Kirban, the manliest Tuff ever to exist. He's basically a manly Kirby. Except that he's manlier than Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Ron Swanson, Dr. Disrespect and Randy Macho Savage put together.

I made him back in like, what, middle school? It's been a thing between me and my best buds. But now I want to immortalize him in this vile hive of scum and villainy known as the internet! I tried creating him in a 16 bit version. He turned out not too bad, doesn't he?

Don't worry... He'll be back. Call this super early foreshadowing :P Enjoy my twisted creation >:)
Left on Extra 002 - A Drunken Fignment of Imagination
29th Jul 2018
HOLY METROID DAMN! This hosting service ComicFury sure is PICKY about file sizes. Everything would have gone smoothly with if they had allowed just TEN megabytes size, but nooooo... It has to be THREE! So I opted for my own image collection in my account for this hosting website ComicFury... Guess what? NOPE! At least it allows SIX megabytes... But nope. Not good enough. I want the ORIGINAL one as I ORIGINALLY intended to show you folks.

So frell to ComicFury's absurd limitations. I switched to Imgur. HAHA, NO! It automatically changed my .gif format to .MP4! WHAT THE HELL! No! I really hate it when they do that. So I just copied the image link location's extension from .mp4 to .gif... But alas, it loops when I linked it to this page. NO! I want it to be loopless. So I tried .gifv. It worked... HAHA! NO! While it INITIALLY worked, but if you refresh the page, it doesn't start over. Just the last image in the gif that you see. I wanted to give everyone a chance to see the logo if they somehow missed with their blind eyes.

Frell me, right? So I went on a gif-to-swf converter website to have the gif converted and got this good .swf shit. You just need to install adobe flash player, which I'm sure you already did, right? Then there is a control panel for the .swf file when you right-click. You should see two entries saying "loop" and "play". MURDER THAT "LOOP"! Then if you want to see it again, click on "play" as often as you want.

Frell Imgur for auto-converting to .mp4 and frell ComicFury hosting for super small file size limitation. I swear they work together to frell me over, I tell you! *puts on a tin foil hat* I TELL YOU!

Oh, by the way... iPhone users... Here is the link to the comic #018 since for some damn dumb reasons Apple never incorporated a Flash player into iPhone.
UPDATE: *sigh* Seriously... Frell Imgur. It’s just not in favor for loopless gif. I’ll try again with .gifv tomorrow.
Left on STRIP 018 - In a Need of Meat (THE GREAT HUNT SAGA begins!)
14th Jun 2018
Originally I had planned the ZRP to have a funny name (initials or acronym for the squad name) like PMS or something (since Battletoads have names related to skin conditions... Rash, Pimple, and Zitz), but during the stream, at last minute, I decided to just go for ZRP because it just looks better and I knew PMS wouldnt really work out later, if not now.
Left on STRIP 090 - ZRP
14th Jun 2018
A specially made TV to peer through the time, monitoring an agent (or assassin?) sent to a time other than his own. Yep. That’s right. I just robbed you the joy of finding a plothole! MWAHAHAHA!

Also since it is a TV, so of course it can broadcast a regular videos. Like, duh.
Left on STRIP 089 - Updates
16th Apr 2018
ELI5: For the killer, nothing in present would be affected until he actually DO something in the past then the present would CHANGE according to a said action.
It's like the killer is still tethered to the present, but he's in the past, with the said consequence.

Sheo's powers with time, however, is different. It affects things instantly the moment Houston was sent into the past. Houston in the past isn't tethered to the present anymore. That is also reason why The Zebex was able to have two Houstons exist at the same time, even if the comic hasn't clearly shown that.

Killer is tethered to present whereas Houston isn't. Tethered to present = impossible for two beings to exist at same time, whereas untethered = possible.
Left on STRIP 085 - How Time-Wimey Works