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Comic profile: Pursuit
Updates on Monday/Thursday (10 AM EST)
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 19th Dec 2016
Number of comics: 73
Number of subscribers: 34
Visitors: 34742 visitors (233610 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (45 votes)

Comic description

Non-mortals live among the mortals disguised and hidden. By doing this, they freely roam the Earth without interference or threat. Only one group of mortals are aware of their existence, which are The Hunters.
The Hunters descend from beast-slayers of the old ages. They preserve knowledge of aberrants, and techniques of obliterating them. They hold hatred, and believed all non-mortals were a disease and curse of the world. Until one day, where Aberrants and Hunters alike decided to cease fighting and agree to peace
...under a few conditions.
With years passing by, ties between the two factions stayed erratic and unstable despite the agreement, for they simply would not trust one another.
Until one bloody event, which completely changed the gameplay.


Some guy who draws/writes comics, apparently.

Most recent comments left on Pursuit

Tyke (Guest)
21st Dec 2016
This is a very well orchestrated and entertaining comic. You financial problem is do to the lack of promotion. You need to try to get this comic recognized by asking other comic artist if you can create guest strips for them, and have the strip linked to your web-page. This will bring you more readers, commissions, and shoppers. You should also try merchandising all of you works, and advertise for you donation pool on every one of you site's, including twitter. Let people know how passionate you are about you works. Beg humbly and reward thoes who donate with exclusive content they cant get otherwise. I am willing to help you with you promotions if you ask. Good luck.
Left on To be continued?
StreakIsSadToSeeYouGo (Guest)
20th Dec 2016
Awww man. I'll miss the comic for sure, but don't tear yourself up over it. I love the art and the storyline is great, but if you need some time, that's cool.
Left on To be continued?
Anika (Guest)
20th Dec 2016
Nothing but love for this comic. The only one I stay current on. The characters are amazing. (Scott <3) and absolutely love your art style. It's so great, I can't even words right now. While it's obviously your decision, I will ultimately be very sad to see the comic go if you decide so. I personally think this is the best thing, and regardless of a wait or even donating I'm all over supporting this and you to the fullest.
Left on To be continued?
Danedog (Guest)
19th Dec 2016
Actually look forward to reading quality webcomics and yours' ranks right up there. Your artwork is remarkable.... nothing like it elsewhere. Well defined characters and a story line that is particularly interesting.... a style quite unique. Truly would be a drag if Pursuit suddenly ended. Take time off to sort things through, I'm certain you'll come across fresh ideas.
Left on To be continued?
aboob (Guest)
19th Dec 2016
Sad to see this since pursuit is the only webcomic i currently read. I enjoyed it a lot and im going to miss it if it never comes back
Left on To be continued?