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Comic profile: Recovery
The wild west gets wilder
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 14
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Comic description

A fun-loving, rough-hewn genre-bender with a multitude of mutants and gobs of gunslinging in a wild wasteland.


Most recent comments left on Recovery

Dave Schmidt
19th May 2017
Dave Schmidt
Definitely the most panel- and dialogue-dense page thus far. Also, we have some much-needed introductions!
Left on Recovery 1.7
Dave Schmidt
11th May 2017
Dave Schmidt
Well, I forgot to set the clock on this one, so it's up a bit early. Guess that's better than late, anyway! Next page will be up Friday, 5/19.
Left on Recovery 1.6
Dave Schmidt
5th May 2017
Dave Schmidt
I drew a sketch of the second panel, where Diego is a silhouette, and told my wife I wasn't sure I wanted to go that route, thinking I couldn't get it to turn out right. She just asked, "why not?" and that was all the inspiration I needed. I'm glad I listened; she's the best.
Left on Recovery 1.5
Dave Schmidt
15th Apr 2017
Dave Schmidt
Finally! People are getting shot at. Now it's a Western.

Edit: Oops! This was supposed to go up last night. The guy who set the time screwed up. I'd fire him, but he's me.
Left on Recovery 1.2
Dave Schmidt
19th Mar 2017
Dave Schmidt
"New Release Date!"
Things are going well and I am ahead of schedule. Instead of waiting until April, a 5-part daily prologue will be posted from 3/26-3/30, followed immediately by the first regular, weekly page on 3/31.
Left on Recovery 0.0