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The wild west gets wilder
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A fun-loving, rough-hewn genre-bender with a multitude of mutants and gobs of gunslinging in a wild wasteland.


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Dave Schmidt
Oh, look at all the intrigue!
Author Note
Dave Schmidt
Something I forgot to mention last week: my wife is now doing my lettering. I'm so grateful, she's amazing!

...Also that last panel is one of my favorites so far!
Author Note
Dave Schmidt
And we're back! I'll be posting Wednesday, for at least 9 weeks, but I'm still working on additional pages to finish out the very prolonged issue 3.

A couple of fun house keeping bits:

I did an interview about the comic with my friends at the World Craft Club podcast! These guys are awesome, if you have any interest in building fictional worlds this podcast is a must-listen.

Also, you can now Buy Me A Coffee! I don't do this for the money, honestly, and would be even more excited if you left me a comment and pointed a friend or two this way! That said, if you'd like to support my work here you can make a donation at that site.

The individual seen here in the cross hairs first showed up here, over a year ago! I won't judge if you need to go back for context!

Hope you're enjoying the new look! See you next week!
Author Note
Dave Schmidt
I have developed my new look and have begun making new pages again! It'll still be some time before I start posting regularly but this is progress! Special thanks to my lovely and talented wife who helped me with the logo this time and who will be doing the lettering moving forward. That's right, Recovery will now be legible!
Author Note
Awesome! Looking forward to it!