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Comic profile: Runaway Wolves
Runaway Wolves
What a complicated world...
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Last update: 12 days ago, 11:55 PM
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Comic description

When they were younger, Gin Yabanchi and Hige Senjo came into contact with two Gods who had been attacked by another. For decades they've successfully helped hide the deities, until one day their hunters found them. Now Gin and Hige must protect themselves against hostile Gods and their servants with the help of new allies.


You can find me on DeviantART ---> Happytiger139

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12 days ago
Finally leaving Gin and Hige's house! Currently the group is in Haimis, Tilath, Sinan's home country. It is completely surrounded by the Samuikunian Empire (Gin and Hige's country), but because the two nations are so close and friendly with each other, no one worries of invasion or anything similar. People don't even need passports going between the two countries.

Anyways, I'm really sorry for the no update last week! I got pretty busy and had no time to work on the comic ^^;

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31st Mar 2018
No one really knows the reason why Vistelsein and Alkaenda's magus's often have Skullhead familiars, but it's speculated that it's because Death relates to the deities' respective concepts. Death is a natural part of the cycle of change (Alkaenda), and that won't ever stop (Vistelsein)

Another bit of information is that Scorpio is the the Head Magus (but also only Magus) to Otiumshi, the God of Death. He's in charge of all reapers and skullheads, meaning he knows of each and every one of them.

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Left on Page 64
24th Mar 2018
I really like the way the first panel came out <3 Along with trying to rewrite chapter 1 (which, again, is going kinda slowly) I'm also slightly updating pages from the prologue.

Anyways, comment and subscribe! Also, check out my other webcomic, Sunny Side. It's a high school lgbtq+ comic and the first chapter of that is almost coming to an end ;o; It updates Sundays
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17th Mar 2018
Woah there, watch the profanity

This character here is Scorpio, one of 12 legendary magus' called "The Zodiac". Him and Ahlbocmon have a really long and horrible history together, which you could hear a glimpse of back in chapter 1

Sketched pages for the redrawing of chapter 1 are coming along slowly -.-

Anyways, comment and subscribe
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10th Mar 2018
Introducing some new characters, at least here in the flashbacks!
Minastet: Previous Prince of Envy, she was challenged and sealed away by her sucessor, Anaieth
Hannes Callous: This is just Ahlbocmon 200 years ago during the Purifying Wars (back when he was still a human). Arguably, he was eviler back then than he is now.
Neith: Current Prince of Wrath, she led the rebellion against the previous princes and won, making her the automatic leader of the new princes.
Aries: Real name Pestila, she's the one who united the Zodiac warriors together to fight both the humans and the former demon regime. She's the head magus to Aocaelum, Goddess of Chaos, making her Ahlbocmon's current boss.

Just a note for any who's curious, the flames above Minastet and Neith's heads only appear on Princes, which is why Ahlbocmon doesn't have one.

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