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Running Riot
A webcomic about Superheroes
Last update: 21st Mar 2020, 7:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
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The overworked Hero Union struggles to defend the city of New Seattle from threats both large and small. Riot is the newest hero on the block, but is he really cut out for this business?


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So glad to see Gwen get a word in! She got kicked around so much in the last arc and it didn't look like she even wanted to be there. I hope she gets more initiative later on and gets the freedom to make her own choices.
@ Running Riot: No need to apologise, real life comes first. You look after yourself, too!
My apologies for the delays. RL has been hectic.

These are trying times, and I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Corona Virus is no joke.
Author Note
All three characters in the middle of panel 4 were very nearly semi-major secondary characters in this comic.

From left to right, Maenad was created way back in Chapter 5, and was originally planned to be part of the final confrontation with Brother Earth before I decided we already had enough characters with claws and she would've been a distraction. Waaaaay way back when I was first doing basic plotting, Brother Earth had no powers at all and it would have been Maenad whose geokinesis he was exploiting.

The middle character, Malice nearly replaced Unstoppable in the final confrontation. She was going to be a prisoner who joined Gauntlet's breakout, with even Truckernaut convinced she was a merciless cold-blooded murderer when, in actuality, she's a coward who can't fight and just freaks people out. I wouldn't have had time to explore her backstory with any satisfaction and I thought giving a redemption arc to a character who'd only just been introduced would've felt a little unearned, so her role as a combatant was replaced with Unstoppable and Charybdis while her role as a psychic was replaced by Devilfish who'd all earned a little closure.

The third character Zero Signal very nearly replaced Umbrage back in Chapter 4, and when I decided that wouldn't work he nearly replaced Harrow as our lone parkour vigilante. Ultimately I decided I just couldn't make Zero Signal's powers work in a visual medium. He completely silences everything he touches, including himself. Even after I rejected him we still nearly got a cameo back in Chapter 11, but ultimately I decided to use the Chav Joker and Harley Redcap and Seizure (NSFW) instead.
Author Note
On Cin beating up Super Fiend more: On one hand, he seems to have capitulated surprisingly easily, to the point where I suspected he might have a way to go to Earth himself in the last page. On the other hand, you did show everything that was actually important to show, and more would be over the top, particularly since this page seems to show that he is mad enough to not have a secondary plan, if I'm interpreting the eye veins correctly.