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Secret Squirrel Man
First world hero.
Last update: 9th Oct 2019, 4:04 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Enter the world of the Secret Squirrel Man, a mysterious superhero for citizens with first world kind of problems.


Names Jack, and along with my artist pal NK we make up the dream team that creates the Secret Squirrel Man! The idea for the Squirrel Man is based off a real life friend of mine, who I've taken the liberty to meme out and hyperbolize for all to enjoy!

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Actually, it reminds me of the weird noises link would make in the video games. He never talked, just made weird sounds. LOL
Are they saying hello, or are they just screaming out mindlessly?
Plus, is that dude coming out of the TV supposed to be like that F'd up movie "Ring or Ringu"?
I've been eating a lot more General Tso's these days so I kinda have to agree with ya there lol
Lmaooo y'know we just might whip something up like that!