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Last update: 19th May 2018, 8:24 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
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The Vord thought the human outpost on Whoomera was the only problem they faced in taking over the planet... They were dead wrong.


Hi. I did freelance art and prop work for many years after becoming frustrated with the ever present politics involved in being a high end prototype machinist.

I enjoyed several years of doing freelance work for several computer game covers for a few popular games out there. I often created for the now long defunct Microillusions that first brought out the delightful game Faery Tale and others.

I have also worked in the motion picture industry doing science fiction props. I've created for movies like Men in Black and the scifi TV series Babylon Five.

I am semi-retired due to health constraints and am currently trying to teach myself how to use some of the 3D computer graphic programs available by working on an online graphic novel/comic titled "NIGHTSHADE THE MERRY WIDOW".

Thanks for taking a look.

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“I Look In From Time To Time”
Best wishes to you and Ed, and to any other concerned persons. I yet hope.
Lee M
If anyone's still reading, I'd like to wish them all a slightly belated Merry Christmas (or equivalent celebration of their choice) and a Happy New Year...
Lee M
Latest news: Ed is alive and well and on the move from California to Arizona. In his words, "Everything's up in the air, and no work is getting done. Hopefully things will all straightened out soon....."

Both of us have been working on ideas for the comics, so please bear with us.
Lee M
Things are still moving... slowly... seem to be a few communication issues right now, hopefully temporary.
The comic is returning? Wonderful news! This is the best comic on the web, bar none. Best of luck getting it rolling again, guys.