Sakura Day (and the Four Seasons)

Last update: 24th Jun 2020, 9:00 PM
Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Sakura Day follows Meija's adventures as she is inexplicably transported into a parallel world after a fatal accident. When she learns that going back "home" is impossible, Meija decides she will begin her new life with these eccentric tenants of the strange and lonely Blaine mansion; who also seem to have questionable plans in store for her. Everything may sound fine at that point, but there are odd events abound following Meija like bears to honey.

It's escapism, comedy, romance, adventure, and a dash of the absurd, but I'd like to describe it as "experimental".

!IMPORTANT! The webcomic is read the manga way: RIGHT to left


Hey y'all! I'm a digital art freelancer who loves drawing comics and other stuff. Sakura Day is my experimental-baby-webcomic and because my freelance work can get between me and finishing new pages of Sakura Day, I update when I can.

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Seems they are in the clear of whatever took hold of Josef previously. Or is this just the beginning?

Hey there, been long. I offer no new excuse. Please just enjoy this new page.
Author Note
An Update! Sorry y'all for this one. Been a busy schedule.

At least I got to draw the lady gang this time, or at least some of them. I miss drawing Astra's half-drunk smirks. And who woulda known that evil "tree" would scream just like you when you find a cockroach in the bathroom and it comes flying right at ya--or at least that's how it sounded in my head.

I haven't mentioned this before because of my intermittent updates, but I hope you folks are keeping safe despite the adversity we're all facing globally, financially, and (ugh) politically. Remember to wash your hands and stay at home. If you're one of the essential workers, regardless if medical or non-medical, please know we're counting on you and we salute you for your actions because even if you're compelled by a force majeure you're all doing your job with dignity and perseverance for the benefit of those who need your service and for those staying at home.

Keep the light folks and I do hope this crisis will blow over soon and definitely. We're all in this together now.

Edit (2020.05.02) uploaded new edit: added tree bleed.
(2020.05.27) re-scaled the width of a section & reuploaded
Author Note
Oh finally an update!

Yeah, my bad. Honestly, the time it took to finish this page isn't as long as chasing deadlines for a work I was doing (thankfully finished). And yes, this is the last part of the "In which we find (his) comfort" sub-chapter.

If you're still following this webcomic, please know that I'll be updating bi-monthly for the start of April. I'm changing up my work process and aiming to update in a regular interval. Wish me goodluck.

Do enjoy the new comic page and I'll see you all soon :)
Stay young folks!
Author Note
[belated] Happy Valentine's Day!

Surprise it's late (oy!). Okay the comic collaboration with a writer didn't follow through, or at least I can't post it now since I'm struggling with deadlines. So I just managed these greeting cards(?). To at least honour the collab efforts, I'll post the comic collab by March.

Also, I got bad news: I won't be able to post updates this February :-(. But by March I'll be able to; February is a busy month for me right now. So see you folks then!

Also, shoutout to all the singles out there: Stay stronk and love yourself!
Stay young, folks!
Author Note
Page update y'all! (I'll be yelling this whenever because I'm motivating myself to finish weekly)

There are noticeable differences in this page compared to the previous, like the contrast changes and some other effects. And since the next week will be Valentine's, I'm preparing a comic collab for a Valentine's special. So do expect that comic instead of the continual story. Or, who knows, I might finsih the next one earlier, if my schedule permits.

Have a fun Sunday y'all!
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