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The Inner Truth is held within the Heart. Updates spontaneously!
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This is my first web comic ever and I hope you all enjoy it. For now it updates spontaneously. It is a comic based around the famous scales held by the titan god Themis. With Gods involved you can expect lots of fun, magic, and like any other manga down right craziness! I hope you enjoy all the wonderfulness!

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Nerang: "Good first two pages, love it so far."
Web: "You've got me addicted already. o3o"
Viorel: "i didn't expect that change of attitude"
Nyny: "More please ^-^"
Nerang: "Another great comic Aza, keep up the work. Her neck looks great, I knew you would produce another great page ^^"
Catfire13: "dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!"
Catfire13: "kitty got sass-itude :3"

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Hello! I am a student currently studying at the Art Institute of Pittsburg. I am studying media arts and animation sciences. I currently have one web-comic I am working on: Scales of Themis is a webcomic I started right before school. I am using it as a way to see my progress in school, and because I like to write comics!
I hope you all enjoy!

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There is a link!

Also Thank you! His face is that of a crocodile. I wanted something in between a snake and dragon!
I just noticed, his hair color matches that of Ao Guang. Does he have a connection, or is the serpent coming to him because he thinks he can convince him to set him (the dragon) free?

Can I just say, I love the way you draw Ao Guang? *Dragon Love* :3
I'm definitely looking forward to that! :D
The story behind him is Ne Zha, the lotus prince, fought him after he refused to stop making storms in the Eastern sea, and he got his butt handed to him, Ne Zha plucking him scale by scale until Ao Guang escaped as a blue snake...aka serpent :)
Once i introduce all the characters I plan on doing a "behind the lore" on each character's God
Oh! Thank you for the clarification. I guess he doesn't have arms, but people sometimes take liberties with mythical beastees.

He looks awesome! Love it!