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Thirty-odd years after the American-Venezuelan war, teenager Corelle Lowell has found herself in an apparently unrelated nasty spot - spots on her hands, that is. Unable to find help from her friends and relatives, she learns about a medical team who promises free service to everyone who signs up with their little family of sorts.
Things go from strange to downright bizarre for Corelle the further she digs into the inner workings of the company, which proves to be just a tiny part of something far larger than she ever imagined.
After several trials, challenges, grey morals, losses and triumphs, she comes to learn that maybe, just maybe, being the bad guy isn't so bad after all.

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I can just picture her adding some special features like tools in the hands... Swiss Army Hands. Believe it or not that idea hit me from a memory of when I was nine and the stores had an add on set of arms for the Six Million Dollar Man dolls for special missions.
IIRC she hasn't built her final arms yet. So they might end up like that.
Considering the funny angle it's sitting at, looks like one of the legs broke. And I doubt it would have been long enough, either.
I'm still loving her new look...kinda wish her hands were purple, or with flames. If I had to have replacement hands, I'd probably make them look like skeleton hands that glowed in the dark.
Yeah, no kidding. I knew a guy about an inch taller than me who did Navy submarine duty. I have no idea how he managed it. I would have probably died of repetitive brain contusion just from standing up over and over.