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Comic profile: Serpents of Old
Serpents of Old
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago, 5:30 AM
Number of comics: 261
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Rating: 5 (3129 votes)

Comic description

Beware Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest standing tall;
Within its borders all must dread
The clever beasts disguised as men.



Just a simple person who does simple things... in the hardest ways X)

My comic is my passion, I would like to be friends with everyone, and if you say my name 3 times in a dark bathroom you miiight just get to meet me in person >___>

I am also a huge dork if you couldn't tell XDD



Most recent comments left on Serpents of Old

Oh, so it's not lettuce after all. Good to know.

I just want to point out that Hizruk has gone an entire, what, three pages? Without noticing that he has an entire FRUIT stuck in his hair. Good job, Hizruk. I nominate you for 'most oblivious MC' in the 2017 CF awards. Which should totally be a thing.

In reference to another comment on this page, I feel like Keymen was probably under pretty tight scrutiny from the Council. There's no way of telling just HOW tight that scrutiny was, but I'm betting it was tight enough that him taking in a little boy would have definitely drawn a lot of attention, and that kind of attention was the last thing either of them needed. Keymen because all those plans he was most certainly planning, details of which are still unknown, would have been MUCH harder to plan with the COuncil literally breathing down his neck. And Killion for reasons which I hope would be blatantly obvious. The homelife situation would have been much better for Killion, yes, but the risk of being caught out by the Council was probably way too high to, well, risk it. Given what usually happens to kiddos like Killion... yeah, him being discovered by the Council is absolutely the worst thing that could happen to the poor dear and I'm sure Keymen knew that.

I really like Prickly Man (this is his name now, called it.) The crazy look in his eyes is AMAZING. 10/10, best character. And what the heck even is a bottom flap? XD Do I even want to know? Ah, life's real questions, being asked right here in this comment. Liking the variety on outfits too! And his beard! Truly the mark of a crazy man. XD

....Of course you're not sorry, Hizruk. *facedesk* All the expressions in this line of panels are absolute gold, there's not a single one I'm not thoroughly in love with, from Prickly Man's crazy mad look to Killion's baby bunny terror and Hizruk being totally unimpressed. WITH FRUIT STILL STUCK IN HIS HAIR. Hizruk. Dearest darlingest baby boy. PLEASE.

I'd like to take this moment to appreciate a facial expression in another panel - the one right before line two, as a matter of fact. The look on Killion's face is magnificent and I adore it with every fiber of my being. (As is the look on his face in the first panel of row three!) And the shadow of Prickly Man in that panel? It's such a great 'ominous shadow foreshadowing Things' panel and I love it. Equally I love that it's a totally innocent threat - no umbra here and you're not trying to make us think there is, just a goofy guy with a lot of passion for his weird looking fruit. Amazing.

Yay, Merek's back! I've spent some time amusing myself with the knowledge that Killion swerved to avoid Merek and Hizruk just plowed right into him. One of these kids clearly pays more attention than the other. And oh dear, Merek doesn't look at all happy - which doesn't surprise me in the slightest, they've got an overdue Talk upcoming. And quite frankly, Hizruk deserves to be properly scolded for this by someone who actually knows what happened, especially given the train wreck that's happening because of it.

Still... for all those mistakes Hizruk made, he made them coming from a good place, and I think that should count for something. He WANTED to help, it's not his fault it all went belly-up. I do hope that through the stress and the anger and, quite frankly, the gut-wrenching worry Merek's got all roiled up inside, he can remember that. Intentions ought to count for something, even if the results are horrible.

On the other hand, this page confirms that running into Merek is like running face first into a brick wall. The guy doesn't even stumble. Good to know! XD

Art is just.... maaaaan, your expressions are on POINT this page. They always are, but they're just really spectacular this time? I think probably because there's such a wide variety of them, we go through a big gauntlet of emotions on this page and you've definitely taken full advantage of that, not just with faces, but with body language too. Which you're also really, really good at, If I haven't mentioned it before. My only complaint is the longer this comic goes on, the harder it is for me to pick my favorite panel because they're all just so good.

And... on another note... I love this little silly scene slipped in between what's bound to be two serious scenes. You do this a lot, and I think it's probably one of your biggest strengths, balancing out all the serious horrifying stuff with the lighthearted goofball stuff. It's wonderful. It's certainly a big part of the reason I keep reading this story, because you strike such a good balance between serious and silly. It never gets overwhelmingly dark, yet, at the same time, we never forget how high the stakes are and how serious things are. That's a really darn difficult balance to find, and you've hit it PERFECTLY.

Well done, Serpy.
Left on Chapter 6.13-- Time to TALK
There are some extremely good expressions here.
Left on Chapter 6.13-- Time to TALK
Oh wow, I'm moved. ;_; Keymen seems like even more of a great guy.
Left on Chapter 6.12-- The Great Serpent Virus (2)
2 days ago
"I'm not..."

Hizruk's face, oh my word. I feel like his expression in the last panel might have been more appropriate of a reaction for ruining that poor old man's prickles. xD
Left on Chapter 6.13-- Time to TALK
3 days ago
No one? Or.. EVERYONE? >__>;;;

Left on Chapter 6.13-- Time to TALK