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Comic profile: Serpents of Old
Serpents of Old
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 10 days ago, 12:46 AM
Number of comics: 273
Number of subscribers: 282
Visitors: 144216 visitors (742987 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (3249 votes)

Comic description

Beware Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest standing tall;
Within its borders all must dread
The clever beasts disguised as men.



Just a simple person who does simple things... in the hardest ways X)

My comic is my passion, I would like to be friends with everyone, and if you say my name 3 times in a dark bathroom you miiight just get to meet me in person >___>

I am also a huge dork if you couldn't tell XDD



Most recent comments left on Serpents of Old

6 days ago
Woah okay that sounds extremely dangerous for such an injured guy! 0n0
Left on Chapter 6.24-- JUMP!
8 days ago
"I hoped to kinda show that in the serpent form their voices kinda change a bit. I imagine a bit Higher and raspier sorta? More snake-like?"

I think it does that. I got the 'raspier' part. Higher is hard to show, I guess, but I took it as more air/less vocal. So it does work.
Left on Chapter 6.24-- JUMP!
Tantz Aerine
9 days ago
Tantz Aerine
Love the "i hate this plan" panel. XD
Left on Chapter 6.24-- JUMP!
9 days ago
...Sid, do you even know how to swim?

Better question: are umbra required to know how to swim? Or does this river just have too strong a current for someone to swim in it, especially someone wearing heavy metal armor? I'm leaning more towards the latter because it makes more sense, I think, to require your law enforcement/guard task force to know how to swim, but I must admit, I find the idea that Sid just jumped into a river without knowing how to swim absolutely hilarious. Ah, the lifelong struggle between sense and humor. XD

I like how Sid's thought process jumps straight to jumping in the river. No caution whatsoever. This is the guy who will be reckless until it gets him killed. But he's also a massive bully, so I feel no sympathy.

GEEZ, RYDER! I sympathize, I do, but Barron's right. No letting cousins drown. No letting anyone drown, really. You guys are good guys, didn't you get the memo? Good guys actually have to bother to try to save nasty bullies from the stupid crap they do to themselves. It's story law probably.

And Barron's a good cousin, even though Sid doesn't deserve it. Oh well, that's why we love him! And I'm really loving the art in this page; my favorite panel is probably the "Well... there he goes..." panel, just for the hilarity of Sid's arm and the 'Hrp' above him as he totally fails to swim. A+, that made me chuckle.

From an art standpoint though, best panel/pose/what have you is Sid leaping into the river. (And also the 'gasp' head underneath that, but really, that's more of a humor thing again XD) The only bad thing about that pose is that it gives us a great view of his crotch, and hey, at least he's wearing pants. It's a REALLY well done pose, especially given the angle he's at. And I love how his foot breaks the panel borders.

And your water is, as always, stunning.

Oh! As another note, I like how there's a little nook filled with candles behind Ryder and Barron at the bottom of the page. It's nice to see how this place is lit up at night - when they bother. Neat little worldbuilding touches like that are always cool to see.
Left on Chapter 6.21-- Desperate Measures
9 days ago
Haha we were due for an intense moment!

They can work together... but they have to make sure they know how much they don't like each other X"D
Left on Chapter 6.24-- JUMP!