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Last update: 16th Jul 2014, 2:42 PM
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The story of a 14 year old girl who suddenly wakes up with the duty to create a region on a barren world known as Origen, alongside six other "Cosmos" that are alien in appearance.
Join her as she faces the hardships of unrequited love, friendship, jealousy, and the inevitable...


Haru Bells
I enjoy reading, writing, and (of course) drawing. Most of my work is done completely by hand, especially my comics.
I hope to one day publish my comics.

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Creed "Don't Stop Dancing"! "Higher"!
I have "No Doubt" of who I am: "Just A Girl" Love You!
You are the Antonym of shameless, Good, Moral, Decent, Fearless, Uncorruptable. You see part of evil's game is to have you say the opposite, self destructive words, do not play their game. Break their circle of confusion and circle of causality. Change the TITLE now!
This started for me December 2011.
Dear Pooh,
I read your comics and it is true, you see. You have a gift and you must Pray to God,not the others. Let the True God's light shine in, and keep saying it to yourself when their around. Fight the others out of your mind, I will try to help. You will know, do not play their games of trickery. I need an update from you. I wish I could hold you in my arms.
We love You, You see.
Fun fact: This is a completely new page that didn't exist in the original roughs of the comic. This was originally an omake theater at the begining of chapter 14. But since I've cut most of the omake theaters for this online release of Shameless, it made more sense to have it as an actual page, otherwise you would all be confused because it went from Nana at the end of chapter thirteen to a passed-out Seven at the beginning of this chapter. So you're welcome.
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