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Shadow of Death
If you thought you knew history, think again.
Last update: 29th Dec 2015, 9:44 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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This story is a blend between fantasy and historical accuracy.
It generally deals in the general scope of events that led to ww1, then ww2 through the eyes of many characters.

It is a fantasy oriented with a focus on the depths of the human soul, and a horror within the horrors of two of the most vicious wars to visit the globe in recorded history.

I promise you that it is full of surprises and historical controversy, I'll drop a link to historical books/references whenever I come across debatable history points in the story.

The first 9 pages of this story is written by my Brother, the rest of the story is written by me.

Updates won't be regular, I've lots to deal with in my life, however, this is one of my major goals in life, so I'll work on it and upload asap.
Generally, updates will be made once a week or so.
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Love to do comics, thats all

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Bringing down the town and the surrounding area around him.
Nothing new, just people getting the ugly end of a missile.
sorry took longer than anticipated on this one, was really jammed in a lot of work
Author Note
Bringing down the house around him.
And more will be coming inshalla
it'll come down the next page XD