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An anthromorphic fantasy with species at war. The great war has wound down to a stalemate and all the species have pulled their forces back. The elementals, the Foxcieans, have returned to their floating fortress while the earthen lords, the Jackals haven’t been seen for almost a hundred years. The wolven adults have disappeared leaving their home defended by children. Then there are the cats. They have sent the two most unlikely candidates to offer peace to their closest enemies – the Wolven.


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Luckily Relarks relationship with Seri is quite good. Relark just doesn't do small talk.
Ah yes the uspoken love of family, coverd by constant testing of patience and sanity.

I know it all to well
He does, in a very relark, no nonsense way
One hopes he loves him back.
That's right. Seri loves his little sour puss of a son.