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Last update: 3rd Feb 2012, 3:59 PM
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A web comic about videos, video games, and a bunch of psychotic gamers.
Updated [most] Fridays. And possibly Tuesdays.


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Gamer, Artist, Security Guard. That's about it.

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...Oh, not a STALKER? Ok then, you an stay.
Dont you just hate it when you leave for just a second and someone takes credit for something you did? Well, I was playing STALKER: Clear Skies, and that is exactly what happened. So I clear an area, some dudes call for help. I go save them, and when I get back, some bastard NPC allies stole credit for my clearing the first area! RAAAAAGE! XD
Author Note
lol so totally true
It has certainly been a while, hasn't it, folks? Well, I am back off of haitis and back in.... THE GAME.
Read my author blog or my DA for a rundown of whats happened in the last 6 months.

TO THE COMIC. So, anyone whos played metal gear solid games, knows the infamous cardboard boxes. Snakes prefered method of transport. And anyone who has played Peace Walker knows the even more infamous LOVE PACK box. I dont know where hideo kojima got the idea of this strange box that fits 2 people inside.... but it is pretty funny. =P I swear its a porn box, and apparently so does this soldier!
Author Note
Nice work with the background Al. Grr dat elder, he never gives me anything good. Also I'm guessing Forest and Hills Area 1
Omg I did the exact same thing with The Masquerade. I would sit there and listen to it for hours. Well not hours but you know what I mean.