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Last update: 10th Oct 2014, 1:01 AM
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Looking from your first couple of pages to your latest page I have to say that your character expressions have come a long way! (Not that they were ever 'bad', in fact they've always been quite 'good', but there's noticeable improvement!)

I must admit that I love the smarmy grin in the second panel.

I miss the greyscale finish that was present in the beginning (but I can totally understand that adding that extra dimension takes time).

Neat stuff!
New page, new page, new page. Aw man i dont put out enough of them.
Enjoy it. I don't feel like this is one of my best works but im not ashamed of it.
Author Note
"Son I disappoint!" XD

I love the uh-oh expression in the bottom left panel.
Haha! Yes, those dang random hooligans XD
lmao. I can totally see you as a user of the "super duper"