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Webcomic profile: Smoke, Fur And Stone
Smoke, Fur And Stone
A love story with gargoyles
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Last update: Today, 4:03 PM
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Smoke, Fur And Stone is a dark urban fantasy where Stone titans clash with beastmen. It's also a tender same-sex love story.


LJ Phillips
LJ Phillips
I'm an ex-bodyguard (which sounds much cooler than the reality ever was) and professional artist who has had three solo exhibitions. I've also published numerous articles and pieces of short fiction.

Currently I live in SA and spend my free time working on my creator-owned comic, Silver Bullet Nights. My work is mostly digitally drawn or painted using a stylus and digital tablet but occasionally blends 3D and photographic techniques.

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LJ Phillips
LJ Phillips
Let the flashback beginneth...

Ah, nothing like the smell of Skin soldiers training in the morning. Doesn't quite smell like victory, more like a kennel's worth of wet dogs.

Notes: Codeotrex. No wonder he goes by Cody.


My Deviantart
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LJ Phillips
LJ Phillips
My Deviantart

Smoke, Fur And Stone on Tapas


Cody is the kind of person who can't express an opinion without yelling it at someone. Vinnie is more tolerant of the young Skins than most Alphas but even he has a limit (one which he is about to reach.) Unfortunately Cody hasn't picked that up.

Notes: The Skoll/Caliban AU is dear to some. Therefore I haven't put Skoll in this version of SFS. Instead, I've put a Skollesque character called Cody. Due to their names, he and Caliban were put of the same intake (lists of Skins are compiled from first names. This prevents confusion since Skin last names are derived from where they were born. For example, on the island alone, you have dozens of Skins with the last name, Coven.)

Cel is Caliban's twin sister and still lives back in Deadfall.
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LJ Phillips
8 days ago
LJ Phillips
Caliban, like most post-war Skins, lacks a decent education.

Check out my Deviantart for additional artwork and pin-ups
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LJ Phillips
9 days ago
LJ Phillips
Help me buy ammo to keep ravening hordes of zombie bunnies from my door. Support the comic on Patreon and unlock early sneak peeks and extra content for only a handful of dollars.

Uploaded an alternative cover today. Enjoy :)
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LJ Phillips
12 days ago
LJ Phillips
This comic contains language, violence and sexual content. Not for readers under 18
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