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Comic profile: Smoke, Fur And Stone
Smoke, Fur And Stone
A love story with gargoyles
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 10th Oct 2018, 10:04 AM
Number of comics: 25
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Comic description

Smoke, Fur And Stone is a dark urban fantasy where Stone titans clash with beastmen. It's also a tender same-sex love story.

Caliban Deadfall is a young mystic trying to adjust to his new abilities and hold onto the man he loves.

When a Coven members start vanishing, it's Caliban and his motley pack of monsters who must save the innocent and hunt the guilty.


LJ Phillips
LJ Phillips
I'm a former art lecturer and bodyguard (which sounds much cooler than it ever was) who has been building a fantasy fictionverse for a couple of years. I've participated in numerous group exhibitions, had three solo exhibitions and published several short stories. My work is mostly digitally painted but occasionally blends 3D and photographic techniques.

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LJ Phillips
16th Oct 2018
LJ Phillips
No updates for the next 2 weeks as I have family down and a backlog of professional commitments.
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LJ Phillips
10th Oct 2018
LJ Phillips
Rabbit is the most efficient thief and assassin in the Coven. Not to mention the most irritating. Yep, this merry band of Coven operatives is made up of Caliban, Skoll and Rabbit. Not exactly the dream team.

Notes: Enjoyed doing the little stylized version of them in the last panel. May do future Under My Skins one-shots in this style.
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LJ Phillips
3rd Oct 2018
LJ Phillips
Custom-order homunculi are all the rage among the rich and Sed is the one who supplies them. His homunculi aren't self-aware of course - Sed describes them as the equivalent of "pumpkins on two legs."

Notes: Sed is a fun character to write despite the fact that he's not particularly nice. Or maybe because of that.
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LJ Phillips
26th Sep 2018
LJ Phillips
So how is canon Skoll here if Sed is with another version of Skoll at the same time? Are we in the Twilight Zone? Or are there (Gods help us all) multiple versions of Skoll?

This story arc follows on from Smoke, Fur And Stone: Rise, explains what's going in Goud and even ties into the SFS prototype.

Notes: Canon Skoll needs to eat less cookies. Or sugared mice, which is of course the Skin equivalent to cookies. Beryl (the green ogre femboy) is Sed's personal assistant, a thankless task.

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LJ Phillips
22nd Sep 2018
LJ Phillips
What's Sed up to while his twin is stranded in Goud? What else? This is Sed, after all. I guess this is what you'd call a skyjob. Sed probably does anyway.

Notes: This page deliberately echoes the opening page of Goud. Sed prefers to remain "stoned up" at all times. It's the safe option in a place like the Krag.

This version of Skoll is much younger and has silver hair instead of blond. He's also missing an arm. In the original concept piece of dancer Skoll on a pole, the missing arm was on the other side but I decided to swap arms in the final design.

Smoke, Fur And Stone - Inkubus will upload on Weds. But I wanted to get the story going so uploaded an extra page today.
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