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Serpents of Old Fan Art!
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Last update: 8th Feb 2019, 9:40 AM
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Beautiful works of art by hands other than my own, featuring the cast of Serpents of Old!

Here I will even post some collab works and my favorite art trades! All credit of COURSE going back to the artists involved!

I adore each and every one of the artworks featured here! And more is always welcome <33


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It's a treasure isn't it? :3
How did I miss this???
Lolol I always run so behind on posting fan arts here because to get the thumbnail on the main site on update it to this site..it's quite a process! LOL. I need to get my act together :P
how is it that I'm not seeing this until now????

Great job, Alston, I love it! (and yes, I will drink like a man, man! (grin)
No I don't I think its the best male art I ever did, they both match each other xD sharp teeth, black pupils xD