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Spacegirl 8
In the far flung future
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity
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In the far flung future she's an agent for justice, fighting against threats to the stability of the Solarian Union.
Based around a character I designed for a series of retro sci-fi pieces, Spacegirl 8 is pretty much my first foray into making comics, without abandoning it or getting tired of the story and starting over.
The first chapter 'Terror in Orbit' is already pretty much finished with 16 pages. Chapter 2 is a work in progress, slow progress unfortunately, my initial idea of a weekly, then bi-monthly release schedule is shot all to hell, but I continue to work on it in my fleeting spare time.


I'm feeling out the whole web comic thing. I've always kind of worked on comics on the side, with a notion that someday I would produce something worth publishing. I have boxes and file folders and hard drives of unfinished stories and designs and character art for half a dozen different things. It's only recently I've really put in the time and effort to tackle taking my ideas away from the someday in my head and make them a reality. I'm not a particularly social person even online. I appreciate comments, but don't be offended if I don't reply quickly or at all.

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I re-read the entire thing. So glad to see this going again!!!
I need to get this whole collection together and read it all at once.

Lookin' good.
I didn’t even know about your work until recently! So it has all been dessert for me!
It might be an 8-hour day. Or even a 32-hour day.
Needing compassion is compatible with needing criticism. I’ll bet they need both.