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Even when you're faster than a speeding bullet, it still takes a bit of time to master the whole "super hero" thing.
Last update: 15th Oct 2021, 10:07 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Chase McCoy, an average guy with average guy problems, suddenly gets his life changed when mysterious cosmic energy grants him, and many others, super powers. With the enhanced intellectual help of his best friend Kyle, he will learn to master his super speed abilities and save his city from a villainous new threat.


I'm an aspiring comic book writer. I'm pretty decent at it and drawing so some of my stuff will be posted here.

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Very good
Yeah, a lot of the pages in Chapter 1 were remastered pixel by pixel to better fit the modern art style, some dialogue was changed and some new pages added in. The comic will now be updated every few days so follow me on my socials to stay updated!
Phoenix In Crisis
Did this comic get rebooted?
(I could've sworn I was watching this one!)