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Last update: 14th Feb 2022, 4:00 PM
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Myths say the lost country of Sharonaria lies behind the towering mountains that none have been able to pass through in millennia. Aziza and Riley are two normal teenagers (well, as normal as a human and spirit can be) trying to trying to return their friend’s book when they get lost in the mountain tunnels. When they make their way out, they’re in a place that doesn’t exist... or shouldn’t. They found Sharonaria. A place that none have entered or left in ages.

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Hi! You can call me Saffron or Saff. Pronouns are they/them, I’m a flower here to vibe (though I'm prone to disappearing and reappearing without notice :P).

My favorite color is yellow, I drown my apples in lemon juice, and plants are cool. Rounding up stray puns is my side-hustle. I wish y’all a pleasant day! :D

My toyhou.se!

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Haha, for sure! XD
Famous last words, Riley
UPDATE 6/23/2022: Moved here for organizational sake! News here is outdated :)
Author Note
I'm glad!! :D
And god yeah!! Comics are great for learning for sure. And I see- that makes sense, I noticed how smooth the shadows on Riley were on a few of the previous pages! Lookin cool!
AND HEY, Prismacolors are GREAT, definitely my favourite coloured pencils LOL. May the tiny ones rest in peace, always remembered through the pages of comics
Thank you so so much for reading and leaving all of these wonderful comments! They have really made my night :D
This comic has definitely been a learning experience for, well, everything, but especially just learning to draw/color stuff (as you can probably tell from the earliest pages lol). This one is actually done with a mixture of marker and colored pencil! I'm still looking for ways to balance out how much of either I use, but these later pages do lean more colored pencil heavy.

I have an army of colored pencils, you should definitely fear me--in seriousness, tho, I have a bunch of prismacolors (a 150 set and a 36 set with a few hand picked ones) and some Crayola colored pencils that I lost somewhere. Surprisingly I haven't completely used that many colored pencils yet, only a brown at this point. A lot of them are reallllllyyyy tiny though, I've been stocking up on replacements, because those guys get absolutely chewed up by usage and sharpeners :,)

Ayyy I'm glad you liked the ride, and thanks again for all your comments!! I'm looking forward to getting this started again :D