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Steven Universe - 3 years later
A fanmade
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: 11 days ago, 6:57 PM
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Webcomic description

Steven Universe, 3 years later is some kind of a "what if" story based on the amazing story of Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar, im doing this as a hobby, something for fun -Quality issue solved :D
Hope you enjoy it, feel free to rate and comment!


Just a guy doing a fan comic for fun

Most recent comments left on Steven Universe - 3 years later

19th Feb 2017
So.. i tried inking a page, but i didn't like the final product, mostly because the sheet that i used is from a normal notebook, thus, the ink isn't absorbed very well, so i guess i'll keep on using my pencil, or maybe i'll try to digitalize(?), and sorry for not updating, i recently bought dark souls 3 and i've been playing the hell out of it xd but i promise i will post more often now
Left on Chapter 2- Page 53
18th Jan 2017
"Almost there"
So yeah, there's only 5 pages left to my actual progress, so from now on it will take some time until i post more, please, stay tuned
Left on Chapter 2- Page 46
6th Jan 2017
I've inked some of my works before, thing is that i started this comic a while ago, and i worked on it from time to time just to kill some time, thus, the drawings aren't that dedicated, i already have 80 something pages, but i started to take it more seriously (i want to use it for practice), so i'm doing better drawings now, the bad news are that the good draws will take a while to appear, because they are the last 5 or 6 pages, but i promise it will be worth it, so please, keep on reading
Left on Chapter 2- Page 22
6th Jan 2017
You... should try inking. It's lots of fun really. Take your great art to the next lv.
I often worried watching SU that guys don't like the show. Reading this comic, it's cool to see a guy's perspective on this.
Left on Chapter 2- Page 22