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Strange Attractors
A Retro-SF Adventure
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Strange Attractors is a humorous post-modern retro-science fiction comic. Sophie, the curator of the vast Museum of Lost Things, becomes embroiled in an epoch spanning war between magic and science, in which the comics she loves are actually coded histories, and she’s become a magnet for all sorts of cosmic weirdness.
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This comic has suddenly taken a turn toward the serious, or at least, it's suddenly emphasizing the motivations and plans of people who have been in the background up until now. A distinct change from the light-hearted silliness of Sophie's adventures.
Wow--that takes us almost all the way back to the beginning of the comic.
That's the darkest thing to happen in the entire comic to date.
At first I thought this might be some sort of side-story, since I couldn't see a connection to the previous arc.
Geez, is this the first time Sophie has ever gotten angry and confrontational with someone? The first time is always the hardest! Don't worry, Soph, it gets easier!