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The Misadventures of SuperMilo
What happens when you give superpowers to the world's most irresponsible party animal?
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 28th May 2016
Number of comics: 157
Number of subscribers: 11
Visitors: 70418 visitors (260162 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (14 votes)

Comic description

What happens when you give superpowers to the world's most irresponsible party animal? Watch out! This ain't no super man, he's SUPERMILO! And now he's here to live up to his own super code: With great power comes really great parties! But when the original steward of the secret to his super powers comes back to see how he's been using this gift to the planet Earth, to what extremes will SuperMilo go keep them? And just how much can the people of Clemmons City take before they decide to forcefully expel their little super-nuisance? Find out in the continuing Misadventures of SuperMilo!


William Boyer is an amateur cartoonist who works full-time doing something else while being happily married. Tommy Gray is likewise and helps Will with his comic work on the side by managing some of his websites, updating when Will can't, and other various things including brain-storming for comic narrative and joke material. Together, and occassional with others, they form MiloTeam Comics or the MiloComics Group. Currently Will and Tom are working on SuperMilo, both in a newspaper style comic strip format and sometimes a traditional comic format.

Most recent comments left on The Misadventures of SuperMilo

28th May 2016
Yo, peeps!

Hip Hop, co-created by writer Dan Johnson and artist Will Boyer, has finally been picked up by a new publisher - Empire Comics Lab! And it's gone online to read FOR FREE!

Here's the first page above, but if you'd like to see more, also featuring the talents of our one-time-inker Claudette Eaton and our ongoing colorist (except for the first cover I did) Kevin S. Halter, please follow along at ! ;-D Hip Hop updates every MONDAY!!

And because of that I'll continue to be very busy! But thanks for all the continued hits here at (SuperMilo on and be on the look out for possible future updates!
Left on Hip Hop Webcomic Now Online
9th May 2016
Bonjour, peoples! (That's "Yo, mah homies!" for you non-Frenchifried-types)

Just wanted to let you all know that Issue #0, containing the black and white version of the 14 page prologue, is now available for sale and digital download here:



Click on the "Buy the Books" link above! :-)

Also, sorry for the needings the monies, I just need to eat and feel like I'm not drawing ze cartoons for ze no reasons! Also, the monies would makes ze wife happy, no?

(Even more so's, ze times spendings wiz her, instead of ze drawings, but "c'est la vie," no?)

Will give more updates later, but apparently Hip Hop the comic didn't make it with Charlton Neo or it's webcomic division of Pix-C. Don't know why. Maybe I worked too slow or maybe there was little to no interest from some of the editors, who knows? It got picked up by Draztic Meazures, which was real exciting, but ultimately we left that publisher and went on to ... hopefully Empire Comics Lab, but we'll see. I don't want to count my my eggs before ze chicken, she lays them, no...? And I have NO idea why I break into French stereotype every few sentences today... Anyway! Speaking of Empire Comics Lab, I'm now a letterer on their horror comic anthology Cemetery Plots! Starting in issue #2. I'll let you guys know when Issue #2 comes out if you'd like to buy a copy! For now, feel free to peruse the SuperMilo web-comic store!

Um... Ciao! No go eat a croissant or something!

~ Will Boyer, your cartoonist

P.S. - I don't know how, but Comic Fury claims we got 612 VISITORS on April 21st! I'm fairly certain that has to be a system error, but good to know people can't wait for SuperMilo to return! If you want him to be back annoying muggers and citizens alike, please give me a shout out in the comments below, peeps! Fan art is also very encouraging! Until next time!
Left on Issue #0 Now Available!
26th Dec 2015
Sorry, folks, but don't fret! I've been working on the next Wormy and SuperMilo stories. Wormy's second outing is a few pages completed, I'm still coloring SuperMilo trades 1 and 2, Gospelman Adventures' first issue is about to go to the printer, and the next 50+ pages of SuperMilo are still in the storyboarding stage. I did start drawing final pages, but it needs more refining. I realize SuperMilo's humor was getting too mature and needed to be brought back down a bit closer to all ages. Religious jokes. Maybe not for the best. Anyway, I WAS working on Hip Hop, but haven't heard much lately. Between stories there. Also, hit a snag and pages need to be recolored by our colorist, Kevin S. Halter. Computer problem. There's also talk of me doing a comic for another publisher, Empire Comics Lab's "Cemetery Plots", but no solid word yet. Thanks for reading and please drop by again soon!

Merry Christmas!
Left on SuperMilo hiatus 2016
5th Dec 2015
Hidey-ho, peeps!

Working offa my new tablet, an early Christmas present! So, keeping it short. For a NEW 14 page story of SuperMilo, please go to our website at If the address is wrong, as it may be (did they change it to a .US???), please use their search engine to look for "SuperMilo." We actually have 5 SuperMilo books for sale online now! Thanks and enjoy!
Left on SuperMilo Issue #0 Advert
28th Nov 2015

Nothing too special today. Just a clipping from a ToonBoom animation software magazine from approximately 2008. SuperMilo and myself (manning the computer closest to the reader) appear in the magazine. It's from my animation college days. Oh, how you have fallen from grace, Will my boy.


*Short version: Want to see more *new* SuperMilo comics? And want them in color? And want them sooner than much later? Become a Patron of the Milo Comics Patreon page! Just go here and sign up:

*Long Version: I've been working on SuperMilo again! We're gearing up for a 50+ page book (that will appear online here, of course) of light-hearted gag-a-week material, just for fun, before we get back to our story line. Also, I'm working on some kids' novellas that more fully explain SuperMilo's backstory! I really want to tell these stories, but am busy with Hip Hop and my real job and life, so I've made the compromise to write instead of draw it - for now. But, before any of this happens, I plan to finish coloring the first two trades, collecting everything online so far, and get them printed. Meanwhile, when not doing that, I'll be working on Hip Hop for Charlton Neo. That means things will eventually be on hiatus again here for a time. I tried to keep the embers going by opening up a Patreon ( ) but things didn't go as planned. Only 2 Patrons, peeps! If all of you start pledging, it will definitely get my attention and cause me to start producing SuperMilo more quickly. My plan, my hope, was to have enough Patron pledgers to quit my job and do SuperMilo full-time. Yeah, maybe that was an delusion of grandeur, no? So I've stopped worrying and stressing about it. I quit the whole per-month thing and now offer it per-comic. That way I can post to my leisure. Speaking of which, I'll be running the colored prologue and the entirety of the colored Space Worm story up on Patreon, if you want to see it. And, later, the colored back up story of "Sewer Worm," which is a print only comic (not yet printed; keep a look out!). Past that? We'll see. But the current plan is to post black and white here and color there, when it's ready.
Left on ToonBoom Magazine Appearance