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Webcomic profile: Sweet Chimichanga!
Sweet Chimichanga!
A Slice Of Life With A Side Of Laughter
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6th Nov 2017, 7:00 AM
Number of comics: 113
Number of subscribers: 7
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Webcomic description

Life is a game sometimes, that needs to be played with from time-to-time. See the ironic and satirical side of the world.


Warner Republic
Warner Republic
Part-time writer and drawer.

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Warner Republic
6th Nov 2017
Warner Republic
They are literally so dead! XD

I know that this comic strip is posted awhile after Halloween, but I had to draw and post this for the sake of it. In the beginning, Rachel Ringtails and Carl Vixson are bragging about how they can easily beat the crap out of horror movie characters if they're real. Now, Derek Liberty is videotaping his coworkers and "friends" about to be slaughtered while having tears running down their faces and pants. XD

By the way, the killer on the left is a komodo monster, the one with a hockey mask is a bear and the one with a chainsaw is a pig. And the characters on the wall that are Halloween decorations are my previous characters, Master Cola, Harry Balls the mutant mole, the mutated scientist and Psycomore (from left to right).

Rachel Ringtails the raccoon, Carl Vixson the fox, Derek Liberty the cat (I hope gets slice into pieces also), Master Cola, Harry Balls the mutant mole, the mutated scientist and Psycomore is created and owned by me.

Please favorite this comic strip and leave a comment. Thank you. :)
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Warner Republic
30th Oct 2017
Warner Republic
If only this blood bank covered the windows, the doors and the blood bags and vials with garlic juice. Knowing that this vampire bat will waste away his second three-hour sober chip. XD

This comic strip is my second Halloween-themed strip for this season to celebrate the holiday. The bat who OD'd on the blood bank floor is definitely Count Dracula. No, it's not my bat character from pervious comic strips, Benny Dracula. It's just Count Dracula in anthro form. And the cop on the left is a komodo dragon, the blood bank manager is a duck and the cop on the right is an ant. The police officers are based off a couple of cops of the Edge City Police Department from The Mask: The Animated Series, due to a personal obsession of mine.  

This comic strip takes place in the same city as my characters, Rachel Ringtails and Carl Vixson live in, and I will reveal the city's name in the future. ;)

The Mask: The Animated Series is created and owned by Warner Brothers/New Line Television and Dark Horse Comics.
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Warner Republic
23rd Oct 2017
Warner Republic
That box of tissues and bottle of lotion right by your computer won't help your defense against your mother's accusations, Carl. XD

This comic strip takes place when my fox character, Carl Vixson, was a teenager. And every web-surfing, hormone-changing adolescent enjoy watching some strange, interesting videos. But, these kids need to be careful what website they visit and what video they will spectate before their parent will bring out the belt on their backsides. ;)

Carl Vixson and his mother is created and owned by me.
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Warner Republic
16th Oct 2017
Warner Republic
Try some fresh desserts from the land of windmills, wooden shoes, seawalls with the same word for a lesbian and combining cooking and fart jokes.

Normally, I don't do toilet humor jokes like this, but I got this reference from an old video game that inspired me to make this comic strip. And this will also celebrate the part of me that is Dutch. ;)

Rachel Ringtails the raccoon, Carl Vixson the fox and Derek Liberty the cat is created and owned by me.
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Warner Republic
9th Oct 2017
Warner Republic
She's one "sly" devil by avoiding the deviantArt's mature rating with this joke. ;)

I'm updating my characters lately, mainly focusing on my main ones, Rachel and Carl. I hope you furry fans out there are enjoying this latest update of my raccoon character, Rachel Ringtails. And her dressed up as everybody's favorite raccoon master thief. And she does look sexy in it, including the part of her living up to Sly's part of pantlessness. ;)

.Here are the list of my characters and their costumes:
-Carl Vixson the fox is a parody of Super Mario.
-Derek Liberty the cat is a parody of Pennywise from Stephen King's IT.
-Melissa Mothma the moth is a parody of Lady Gaga's police tape outfit.
-And behind Melissa is my minor character, Benny Dracula the bat, dressed up in a parody of Batman.

Sly Cooper is created and owned by Sucker Punch Productions and Sony.
Super Mario is created and owned by Nintendo.
Pennywise and IT is created and owned by Stephen King.
The police tape outfit is created and owned by Lady Gaga.
Batman is owned by DC Comics and Warner Brothers.
Rachel Ringtails the raccoon, Carl Vixson the fox, Derek Liberty the cat, Melissa Mothma the moth and Benny Dracula the bat is created and owned by me.
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