Swift Spark and the Defense Five
A Spark will start the Fire...
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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James Riverdale treads into the footsteps of his superhero father. Together with his friends, he is on a mission to find out what really happened to the Red Spark, who disappeared without a trace years earlier – as well as stop VIPER Inc., a corporation dedicated to creating supervillains to do their bidding. James has to learn what it means to be a superhero, as well as balance the life of an ordinary high school boy with the responsibilities of his secret identity.

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After spending some time to overhaul the prologue + the first two chapters with better art, we're finally back to regular updates! Check in every Saturday for a new page! :D
Author Note
Digital Genesis
Okay, I primarily use Clip Studio Paint with a little Photoshop for post effects, but your stuff is really nice. It definitely pops. I subscribed so I'll keep reading. Love seeing more super hero comics on here. Not a lot of us. Keep up the good work.
Hey, thanks! I just use raster-based software, Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6 specifically! Glad you enjoy this comic, something special and big is in the pipeline :D
Digital Genesis
Love the art and your style. Are you doing vector graphics? What program are you using?
Young Nutz
Super cool website design.