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Sword Arts and Skill Points
What if Sword Art Online was a game of D&D?
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Comic description

A campaign comic about what Sword Art Online would be like if it were a roleplaying game. Inspired by a lot of comics like Darths and Droids, The Crystal GMs, and Jutsu and Jinchuuriki. Anyway, SAO, Roleplaying, webcomic, fun.


Most recent comments left on Sword Arts and Skill Points

26th Jul 2017
...will I ever stop being right about distrusting Terry? Still I LOVE the evil laugh and the ominous wicked color inversion.
Left on No control session
26th Jul 2017
Who is Kiriro?
Kirito when he tries to go undercover?
Is another of his personalities Mexican?
Is it Kirito with a fake mustache and a sombrero?
"Buenos noches, por favor. Me esta Senor Kianchez. Te hasta de narcos?"
Left on No control session
26th Jul 2017
Well, the other kind of conspiring is the GM muttering to themselves about how they'll murder those gosh-dangled pcs this time., and that rarely ends well.
Left on No control session
Guest (Guest)
26th Jul 2017
ahhh when players conspire. its the best kind of conspiring.
Left on No control session
25th Jul 2017
Including campaign notes.
Left on Very specific loot.