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Sword Arts and Skill Points
What if Sword Art Online was a game of D&D?
Last update: 26th Jun 2018, 5:00 AM
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A campaign comic about what Sword Art Online would be like if it were a roleplaying game. Inspired by a lot of comics like Darths and Droids, The Crystal GMs, and Jutsu and Jinchuuriki. Anyway, SAO, Roleplaying, webcomic, fun.


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I she though? I mean lorewise hiring someone(DJ THAC0 because she is the best, can't convince me otherwise) would be plausible to get her awesomeness to another webcomic?
I thought it was funny or staggering, so differing opinions plus I watched the whole show except the newest season (hope it's good) so I can make up for the skip I guess so it could be that \_{}_/ (is that a shrug?)
And where's shelby, finn, or micah?
DJ THAC0 represent represent!
Rule of three!