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Sword Arts and Skill Points
What if Sword Art Online was a game of D&D?
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Last update: 12 days ago, 5:00 AM
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Comic description

A campaign comic about what Sword Art Online would be like if it were a roleplaying game. Inspired by a lot of comics like Darths and Droids, The Crystal GMs, and Jutsu and Jinchuuriki. Anyway, SAO, Roleplaying, webcomic, fun.


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9 days ago
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Guest (Guest)
9 days ago
Compelled dueling, on a failed save, the target either stops fighting for a minute or focuses on the one who used the ability... at least in D&D 3.5... this is its own universe with its own rules, so we'll find out soon.
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9 days ago
I'm not familiar with Test of Mettle, is he just continuously parrying? Or does it do something else?
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NecroLeprechaun (Guest)
27th Dec 2017
It always starts getting fun when the DM realizes they need help from their own campaign. I generally find that Players tend to be far more destructive enemies than the DM.
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24th Dec 2017
Woo! Finally all caught up! ^_^
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