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The Beta Tester
Hentai & Psych. horror comic
Last update: 13th Aug 2018, 9:15 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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18+ hentai & horror show featuring a nerdy female protagonist, impossible techs, foreseeable plot-twists, cute monster companions, unshaven savages and summary executions. All mixed up with a generous amount of typos and body fluids.

What's behind the Illusion engine? Follow Margareth along in her crazy quest through the rabbit hole in this increasingly dark story of lies, sex and death.

WARNING: Includes very explicit depictions of violence and gore, crude sexual imagery, horror themes and a considerable amount of other inmoral behaviours. Avoid like the plague if such contents bother you.


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“ ur mom”
uh how old is she and how old is that man
“Y’all in the comments are toxic lmao”
Everyone’s like “oh ma lard, it’s been two years omg. Stop trying to live your life and finish the comic just for us lol”. Jk but really, this looks good and I’ll wait as long as I need to. See ya.

-XOXO, the devil’s b***h
“Great Slogan.”
That a good slogan actually.
But how could that be possible? Wasn't his body found in the real world, Mar's world?
Thank you for the very near miss, maybe some pages were inserted and the target was moved. Anyway, the real page 277 is now here.