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A Super Smash Brothers fan webcomic created by Babatunde J (ArtyTank) Abass-Abayomi, exploring the universe of Smash and it's colorful roster!
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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This comic focuses on the colorful roster of Nintendo's Super.Smash series as well as two fictional videogame characters Notette the enigmatic and musical marionette, and Tribuhtri a strange and cynical but fiercely loyal grey cat ninja (Thats pretty funny when I say it out loud) as they try and achieve their life long goal of becoming real Trophies and the challenges both mental and physical that comes with such a perilous dream.


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I'm really excited to finally finish this page, sorry
It's taken so long but hopefully it's worth it for
you ^^

Also I've got to say I'm beyond hyped about
Smash Bros Ultimate!

Thanks for reading!
Author Note
We got a cross promotion for The Subspace! I'm marking that
off as one of our crowning achievements! In this page you'll
recognize the main character of Smashtopia! in all of his

The Comic is written and drawn by redblueiscool
on Deviantart:

it's a humorous and engaging take on the Smash Bros
universe, revolving around the main character as a
Fan chasing after his dream of meeting the Smash
stars in person.

Please check out Smashtopia it really is a must read
for any Nintendo/Smash bros fan.
Author Note
Hey there! I'm glad to finally
say the haitus is over so I can
now get back to giving you
guys and gals Subspace

Author Note
Dear Reader,
With the Subspace approaching it's end
soon I'd like to thank you for taking the
time to read this webcomic, regardless
if you are an active commentor, a frequent
favorite or an anonymous viewer, What
it's done to inspire me to continue this
comic is more then I can put into words.
so thank you!

Oh, and the page size has been doubled
again and likely for the last time.
Author Note
Thank you for the support it means alot to me!