The Other Grey Meat
No actual brains were used in the making of this comic.
Last update: 21st Aug 2014, 2:05 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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The Other Grey Meat explores a world where clever zombies are capable of carrying on a reasonable argument to rationalize why they have the right to eating your brains. Expanding further on this concept, TOGM comic goes on to explain an amusing zombie hierarchical system in which the upper-level undead, in fact, appear very much alive.

Highly intelligent, and recognizing a need for order amongst the chaos, senior level zombies live in houses, have active social lives, and are gainfully employed. Some have even been able to develop makeup, prosthetics and plastic surgeries that enable them to seem as alive as possible. It is as if the apocalypse has never happened.

Because all of the human brains have already been consumed, a super-genius (who is the Top Tier Zombie) develops a brain substitute that he calls The Other Grey Meat. It satisfies the society’s craving for brains, but seems to be lacking a key ingredient. Everything is running smoothly in this living dead society when, suddenly, a human with a real brain is thrown into their midst…


Writer of The Other Grey Meat.
I r teh drawr' an' nott teh writtr'.

(Thank God, or the characters would bitch about the messy kitchen and then go and clean it.) har har har

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8 years later and I still think about this comic. Hope you guys are doing well!
We don’t get many anymore, I’ll take it :)
All the best to you too😊
Weird it put my comment twice
Honestly, we were super happy for all of the reader interaction, so I definitely am glad for everything you posted, regardless of the social maturity :D

And speaking of old things, my god so much time has passed on this thing.

Thanks for checking in! I’m not usually this quick to respond, but I’m still grateful to hear from you guys.

All the best!
Just reread this
I used to love this comic still do. A lot better than some of other ones out there
Only ones I’ve enjoyed as much are: demon by Jason shiga
Also blank it. By Lemo and aric

Yours will always have a place in my heart though. Sorry I used to ask you all such stupid questions I was a little less socially mature back in 2010 when I found this
Gah I’m old now 😂