Tales of the Galli
All hail the Magna Mater!
Last update: 13th May 2015, 12:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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A group of gender variant priestesses try to get by in ancient Rome. This is a mirror of the Comic Dish Comic.

Keywords: roman, empire, antiquity, pagan, glbt, transgender, constantine, cybele, christian, history, historical


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Wow. I appreciate your level of knowledge. It's these kind of details that I find very interesting.
“Frankie Howerd”

Frankie Howard was a a British comedian, who among other things, starred in the TV comedy series Up Pompeii! as the slave Lurcio.

Each week Lurcio would try and sort out the problems of his owners, avoid trouble, and attempt to complete "the prologue". Howerd often addressed the audience using asides that the other characters couldn't hear (a device that harks back to classical theatre), often commenting on the script, sometimes complaining that everyone else got the good lines.
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Oh thank-you Great Mother, and while we're there can we get me some clothes?
Landmarks listed abovePh Phrygianum
A shrine to Cybele, located on the Via Cornelia. MiMithraeum
Underground temple of Mithra.HTHadrian's Tomb 
The mausoleum of this Emperor.ThDi Thermae Diocletioni
Diocletian's BathsPC Praetorian Camp 
Main military camp of the garrison of Rome. HM Forum  Holitorium
Main meat markets of RomeCM Metro'on
Main temple of Cybele.CiMx  Circus Maximus
Public venue used for chariot racing.Co Colosseum
Public venue used for gladiatorial fights and other spectacles.FR Forum Romani
Original Forum of Rome.ThTr Thermae Trajani
Trajan's Baths.ThDe Thermae Decianae
Baths of Decius.ThAn Thermae Antonian 
Originally Caracalla's Baths. Renamed after that Emperor fell from favour.
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