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This strip will be a collection of my comics pertaining to Donald Trump's presidency and will definitely not be pro-Trump. Prepare to either laugh or get pissed. RESIST!


[img]http://[/img]I am an Illustrator/ graphic designer who has drawn strips for the FAA's employee website, conceptual illustrations for the National Holocaust Museum, and for various comics and graphic novels including Magic Bullet, Colonial Comics, and District Comics which was selected by the Washington Post as one of the Best Books of 2012 and nominated for a Harvey Award!

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It is important to consider the absolute clusterfuck Biden inherited, but a lot of the things he’s done are band-aids on bullet holes, and it’s becoming clear there isn’t a plan to fix things unless on the terms of the corporate donors. Worse yet, a lot of the protest movements that surged in 2020 waned in 2021, and the progressives in Congress and the Senate won’t oppose Biden’s sins with the same force they opposed Trump’s— even though there are still concentration camps at the border full of children, even though the military budget keeps ballooning while we’re told there’s no money for things like health care and student loan cancellation, even though oil drilling permits are given out like they’re going out of style while climate disasters keep popping up, and even though there’s not going to be another lockdown no matter how many more people die since the vaccines didn’t stop COVID-19 and there was no plan in the event that they didn’t.

Trump wanted to crush leftist opposition to the system with a show of force, while Biden’s more about placating them with symbolic concessions, and using Joe Manchin as an excuse to not do things he clearly only promised to get the Bernie camp on his side. Trump is clearly worse given how dangerously incompetent he was, yes, but both men serve a system that is the root of all these problems.
The infrastructure bill hasn't passed yet. Manchin is going to sabotage that. Also no student loan debt had been wiped out, just delayed the payments a little longer. But everything else is spot on. There is a mountain of shit to dig out under from the previous fucking guy who occupied the Oval Office. His name escapes me but his stench still permeates DC.
I think taking into consideration how much damage was done under the previous admin. ( A tax break for the rich so big, they can't let go of it, a rise in white supremacy not seen for generations, a pandemic allowed, no, encouraged to spiral out of control, etc,) its actually quite impressive what the new administration has done in only one year: cancelled 55M in student debt, the narrowest pay gap between men and woman of any president, confirmed the most diverse cabinet in history, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, rescinded the Muslim ban, passed an infrastructure bill(!!!), punished Russia for cyber attacks, etc.). I think after 4 years of watching Mitch McConnell openly obstructing everything in his path people can stop wondering why Obama couldn't "do more". We had a lot of people who had never thought about politics a day in their lives suddenly identify with a con-man, megalomaniac narcissist. Much like the Jim Jones crowd they were ready to do anything their "leader" told them to. But without any knowledge of politics or history some didn't realize the legal jeopardy they were exposing themselves to. Oh well. Storming the capitol has consequences even if you're white, apparently.
I look forward to seeing Side Two. Things aren’t much different and Biden’s been better at being Trump than Trump was, by putting a nice civil face on the government’s callous indifference to human suffering and inequality, and coming up with convenient excuses for why things can’t get better. But the mask’s come off permanently on this terrible white supremacist country.
We had an election that was almost stolen from us. It was a fair election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. We have to have justice. We have to have law and order. There has never been a time such a thing like this happened where they tried to take it all away from you, from this country. Be alert and remain active. Trump may have screwed the putsch but he and his sycophants WILL try it again.

I love you all. You're special but it's time for me to go home now.

I will return soon with Act Two. Or as you vinyl enthusiasts call it...Side Two.

Stay safe.