Just a test, nothing to see here
Not a webcomic, this is just a test
Last update: 23rd Nov 2017, 2:04 AM
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I just want(ed) to test stuff related to CF comics.

There will never be any real comic pages whatsoever. Maybe a computer generated test image or some trash. No words, no people or other entities. At least not before I have learned to draw (cannot happen before I retire, so at least several years in the future) or learn some other means to create images (using cheap or free 3D stuff, this is unlikely to happen earlier) -AND- not before I got an idea for a story (has not happened yet, may happen never).


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Testing a comment. And a really big image.
*ggg* Congrats :) And thank you!
I found your secret comic.
Thank you :)

I'll wait until tomorrow (my personal tomorrow, at least 9 hours in the future) to see if there will be more pro than contra votes, and if pro has more and no one made a "Jukebox" thread, I do it.

Edit: Do you have an idea about a jukebox theme? Colorful background with musical symbols all around? That's all I can imagine.
Chippewa Ghost
Jukebox would be a good thread.

It would also be pretty cool as a default webcomic theme.