Just a test, nothing to see here
Not a webcomic, this is just a test
Last update: 11th Apr 2021, 12:10 PM
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I just want(ed) to test stuff related to CF comics.

There will never be any real comic pages whatsoever. Maybe a computer generated test image or some trash. No words, no people or other entities. At least not before I have learned to draw (cannot happen before I retire, so at least several years in the future) or learn some other means to create images (using cheap or free 3D stuff, this is unlikely to happen earlier) -AND- not before I got an idea for a story (has not happened yet, may happen never).


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Can with the inner part of the upper lid removed - now usable like a drinking glass.
Author Note
No, the switch explains that it's a Game Tester function and asks the player to send feedback on which version they prefer.
It's right at the start, on the wall near the Doorman so it can be generally ignored. Unless the player has Tutorial Tips turned on; then it will sparkle to get their attention, like the cardboard box in the area.

I'll probably use the code later for something like what you're talking about. A club with programmable surroundings or something along those lines. Since i haven't decided to incorporate programmable matter, it would probably be something like Chronites Chromites embedded into the material so the surfacing could change appearance. And a master control unit that broadcast the code to the Chronites Chromites to update their appearance to the currently desired configuration.

(Edited to keep the building from rotting away with rapid ageing)
That's cool! Do you jave an in-game explanation for that? Like, holographic wall & floor overlays?
Yeah, I hope, too.

The beam was probably aimed at another dimension. Or something like that. I remember that the black triangles in the image showed that it was travelling fwith more than light speed. :P Whatever...

Hmm, Endlos is of 2007, much younger than I thought. I could swear I haven't used it for 20 years XD
So neither of us has played with Fractal software that isn't at least 20 years old or more? Hmm...
I suppose we should take a look-see at some point and check out how things have advanced (or regressed).

Should we not ask at what the beam was aimed?

Good to see you with a little free time. Hope you're slaying that work beast.